40+ of the Best Horror Fonts for Your Creepy and Scary Designs

best creepy fonts

The silence of sheep, zombieland, Friday The Thirteenth, Halloween One thing that all has horror, tension, and thriller all appear in mind. Graphic designers like to use tools that help generate emotions from their finished products. Horror fonts are value that uses a grunge force to provide raw and graphics feel to the text.

What is Creepy Text Generator?

A creepy text generator is a stand alone typographic element that converts simple text into creepy and horror font styles. Use best online creepy text generator to make your words creepy. There are unlimited font variation that can be used in raw typography and withdrawn with this hand.

Below are the 40+ best horror fonts made by extraordinary designers who create raw elements in a horror -themed typography to complete their creative projects that frighten their audience.

Emotions are the key in the design project. Tipara, especially those that emphasize the horror theme, need to lean to the type of hand as if it has been carved into the wall with a chainsaw or withdrawn as a warning sign from a helpless victim.

Best horror font

Choosing the best design option and aware of the budget is possible now for so many graphic designers. A freelance designer can use so many options now such as websites such as Envato Elements and other free or expensive fonts to help create individualistic design appearance. Look below in every font represented and how each collection of different letters but shares a common expression of the feeling of horror in their appearance.

Sonnyfive letters

The 80s horror symbol crossed the mind when this thick font in all hats was used with color, especially red! Font Scary Beware of this front runner with a brush sweep and a horror touch added to any film poster. This interesting horror film font is used on famous film posters such as ‘John Wick’, ‘Kong: Skull Island’, and B-Film Forever B-Film Classic Horror Film ‘Gremlins’! Solid choices for professional designers in the horror film industry business.

Soil parasites

As if marked by the hands on the wall in a horror film, these all-cap letters help accentuate the frightening movie title that is suitable for design. When you see this classic type of letters, you think of the classic horror film ‘Scream’. Dry brush strokes give the edges of the rough appearance that mimics the stroke of the pattern of palka pulled by the hand.

Foreign creatures

This font has an extra-terrestrial nuance with all-caps letters and frightening dripping letters to ‘fit for horror books’ looks like the 90s left in the forest and there is something chasing me a horror atmosphere! As a newer player for the game, it still respects the cover elements of horror books around the world to enter the list of the top 45+ horror fonts!

Another danger

This chaotic type of letters gives a nuance of raw and retro design when scratching the path across the yard with a rough but different style. There is no harm in this as a typographic exhibition with a thriller written on it. This font has a rough basic brush stroke and grunge in nature.


Vampliers are motion fonts, for at least. It moves from the baseline and in thick presentations helps provide a horror design printed with blocks used by many designers for brave headlines. Energetic brush strokes help free designers make closing works at the scene or printed. Easy readability helps with the fact that it is not in the field of gravity in design because the baseline moves to stimulate the viewer senses.

American fear

With more than 45,000 downloads of this classic horror font style, this is a diligent designer dream font. It has a clean and cut blade look. This font will be ideal for every contemporary project that still needs a frightening design to strengthen the core of classic horror design. American Frights must be in the top 10 for the perfect horror movie poster font!

Strange story

This type of horror display letter is one that captivates the mystery, tension and darkness of the horror moment in a novel or on the screen. With the elements of the flying machine that is inserted in the type of letter, it adds a sense of its own design without a graph or additional message needed. Types of letters communicate by themselves with words -words. A freelance designer can add this to their weapons and be in front of the game with typography to be the weighted element to the headlines that attract their attention.


This font drips with anticipation of the next terrible moment to jump towards you. This is life. Cold elements for all-cap literally bloody fonts on the yard help to provide energy to any design. Goosepleim helps use the principles of element design through a font approach in capturing feelings or emotions in design.


Abnormal has a simple but amazing character in four different weight which when combined together in a design project can be very fun. Branding design will be the right choice with this Sans Serif font. You can work with your design in color and typography with a solid background to create a terrible effect.

Terror at midnight

The direct sensation that you feel in nightmares comes with amazing characters and flying machines included in this font. This is a type of brave and strong letter that helps accentuate the sensation of terror that you feel when it is not fully awake in a floating state. Perfect for the next fun invitation for the Halloween party.

Zombie Punks

The familiar element combined with the retro font helps capture the classic horror font in one type of letter. The flowing fonts can be colored with any color palette by freelancers who are diligent and still capture the essence of horror and terror. This can be a good element for invitations or rows of story books with his handwritten text brush.

Spookhaus horror brush font

The scary design always requires a clean brush stroke built on the surprise element. Spookhaus works with a minimum effect of brush sweeping while still working in line with the same tense fonts. Taking a brush and making messages on the poster or cover of the novel is the best for use for this type of superscript and subscript forces.

Terrible brush

Is that burning? Is the residue remaining after the Grizzly scene? We are not sure about this cool brush script font. There is a strong presence of an unstable and emotional relationship with the horror category that maintains the work of the designer to arouse emotions from the type of easy letters. This is easy in the cool horror font category on this list!

Scary things

Cartoon element. Bold letters. This Serif font is one that uses uppercase to create a strong nuance on the page or screen. Stories Horror requires a brave title and this bold font. The weight helps to make him friendly designers for headlines, titles, and subtitles. This font can be easily used in the horror story book of children to be an introductory element for new horror fanatics everywhere. This is a tool a designer must have in the digital design tool box.


This font is pure graphics in nature. This captures the design elements whose type is your design. Really violating the design rules in classical horror typography and escape from handwritten fonts that usually disturb the world of horror design, this futuristic font brings the terrestrial world to the horror playground.


These handmade letters are thick and clean. The individualistic aspects of this font from the roots drawn by the hand helps maintain a unique style, but creatively integrated with the horror theme. This is a font that is inspired by Japan for the Avid Designer horror typeface collection.

Horror joy

A freelance designer can use this font for tension, graphic pull, mystery, and bold presentation in design. The additional element of the blood sparks unites the disturbing riots that designers want in each design. The title page and font poster of a horror film that gripped is what horror excitement for Tee.


Just take the brush and paint with blood on the screen! This font is one that the horror atmosphere is available in all this. Invitations, postcards, posters, and titles for Halloween events; This font can be used in every setting. Malabo is in the Cool Cool Horror Font category on this favorite list.

Stinger’s death

This font looks like a beautiful design element for autumn projects that stand out bones such as Haunted House Media and Halloween Midnight Movie. Hard sweeping with slanted features helps to hold the basic horror design in the middle while gripping the audience with tension and fear. The perfect horror font to be included in this extraordinary list!

Horror night

Each design theme requires fonts that are tailored to the child’s childhood horror story side. This type of letter mimics the mucus flowing above the upper letter that is bold. Children like creativity and this font gives them the design of the horror element needed by each graphics designer to get out of their tricks for story books or adorable invitations for children’s Halloween parties.


The energetic brush strokes help create the nuances of the flame on this horror font. This is not calm and creates movement through design. Like a lot of horror typography, everything is in a hat again to demand attention from the audience.


With two font files to be selected from this scary font helping to revive the real horror scenario. This can be used more in digital design for horror game designs on the screen to provide mystery and surprise elements. Brand design looks for certain types of horror brushes that provide their unique display projects.


Remember ‘Scream’? Now this font is one of the splashes to the page after your ideal slasher meeting. This font is not conventional and energetic brush strokes help create a sense of urgency and panic which is very important in the horror design element.

Dark grave

Children like graphic creativity and representation. This font is a cartoon font that will work perfectly in the school environment for the theme event around Halloween. Horror theme -based banners are one example of how the thick and thick lines of this font can be exhibited.

Black night

This is a type of luxury horror letters where medieval tension and horror collided. A designer can use this font in many ways and immediately take you back to Transylvania in emotions, stroke, and style of this type of letter.

Chemical machine

Encourage the boundaries of retro horror design, this type of letter is one that can work in the monochromatic field or in color. Add gradient to mingle with the tip of this grunge stroke will help accentuate feelings of anxiety in the overall design.

Night lights

The elements they contain from all caps to grunge to edgy to disturb everything are packaged into one. This font helps to revive the nuances of a historic horror film. This cool horror font starts with this classic retro here.


Based on the type of best -selling fog letters, this font is one of the access to letters unlimited with the essence of horror. This is the ideal one for the main header or chapter title. The lower line added to the font gives gravity and the weight needed from this freestyle sweep.


Extra Grunge fonts up and down here! This demo font is one that remains loyal to the basis of cool horror design because it is usually not much variation for fonts. Big brush strokes and all hats are the foundation for a fundamental horror design. This is intended to be single in its appearance and made specifically for horror poster designers or horror film poster fonts. Upjohn is brave and attracts attention even in smaller fonts so that it functions well as headlines on many different adaptations and products for designers.

Cheap boarding house

When you want something that is not stable and uncertain, this true type font is one that is used. It has a fading and blotted look for it. The boarding house is a horror font which is an element of its own design. When used with a complementary color scheme added to a dramatic horror design steering. The most common splash of sparks from the gore in the true classic horror films.

Story brush

Two good font files in all hats with ordinary files and the sloping version of fonts are available to help with creative design in horror persuasion. The rough edge maintains the shades of classic horror. The option for this horror design helps make a brave statement with subtitles in typography. Using one to two font options to create a dynamic appearance while designing certain nuances, and the taste is horror here, helping this font versatile.

Spookies identity

Spookies identity is listed in the top 45 list only because of the brave and worthy horror typography in the best title! As an element of the title used for cool posters or new cover, he demands respect and present a solid weighted element on the design frame. The pointed end in your title or word helps reflect the effect of the knife in many slasher films.

Gallow tree

Horror movie poster fonts such as thick and tense gallow tree. This type of brush style letter is brave and attracts attention. Thick headlines can be made by diligent designers and uppercase letters in all types of letters have headline material written on it.

Slasher movie

Painted on the design, this handwritten horror record on any wall is the perfect font for designer. It writes with paint (or blood) in the horror design element that makes it troubling. Horror art is not just a message, but how the message remains. This font brush sweep does that, leaving a message in a disturbing way that captivates the audience.


You cannot have an extraordinary horror design unless the font looks zombie-ish. This type of bold releases elements of effects that flow, crawl, and crawl in design. As holding on to this tradition is a special font that functions in horror design elements.


This luxury horror classic is restless and provides its own horror atmosphere in the design itself. Font has a more scary character than most because it does not follow the ground lines and broken in the design. Obviously, the designer’s main choice to attack fear of their audience.

Night died

This type of special handmade letter is one that can be used in full Halloween spirit. This is very good but formula by design. Cool posters can show off this font for an event. Loose designers need fun and scary fonts and this font has a touch of horror unlike the others to reach the list of the top 45 horror fonts!

Best Free Horror Font

The following is a short list of free fonts found that every freelance designer likes to be used to design quickly for projects with a minimum budget. However, always be sure to check the font use license for each font you download (many free fonts only for personal use). Each font site will have a license agreement attached to the font file that you are interested in downloading. Creativity is very valuable and typographic designers work hard to give you new and innovative design elements!


This classic film has a classic type of letter for use! This type of horror inspired is present in flat effects, outlines, and shadows. This type of letter is a basic element with a touch of horror for movie posters that you need to complete.

Deadly killer

Font use-use-for-personal use is an energetic design that looks carved from something. This is inspired by the typeface of the Horror Display of the Devils who you see in classic magic and magic.

True lie

Sans Serif This font is one that reflects the font of the incoming impact but with a razor piece and aging is added to the effect. These fine lines in fading and trouble this type of letter make it a good-have for a designer on their free font list.

Plasma drop font

Cartoons like in the realm of liquid flow from thick letters. This font comes in two different forces of solid options and outlines. This font is different from most horror fonts because you have options for lowercase letters and capital letters.

Last thoughts about the best horror fonts

Horror font is an extraordinary design element for designers. This best horror font list helps you narrow most of your design planning when it comes to a horror design for digital or print use. To be successful, you must do research and know the emotions and meaning of your project to download the type of mysterious letters in accordance with the bill.

Remember to always check the license agreement for every font that you interested in. Many font sites have different levels of use agreement for each font. Some free fonts as you can see above on our list and others you need to subscribe. The budget is important, but never leave it a driving factor for a successful project.

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