5 Best Tennis Shoes In The Market In 2022

Tennis is a dynamic game that may cause discomfort to the feet. Whether you are a skilled player or just stepping onto the tennis court for the first time, choosing the best tennis shoes is essential. Generally, Tennis shoes are designed based on the court surface, durability, stability, comfort, and weight. Though heavier shoes provide exceptional stability and durability, lightweight shoes will improve the speed and allow the players to reach the ball quicker. This is a game of frequent stops and starts, short sprints, and lateral movement; that’s why you should be wise in choosing tennis sports shoes to stand up in your game. So, always select your pair of tennis shoes based on your game’s degree and feet requirements.

Here are the best men’s tennis shoes you can buy in 2022

1) Asics Gel Resolution 8

In the current trend, the Asics Gel Resolution 8 tennis shoe is the latest version, an upgraded edition of Gel Resolution 7. Its unique design and high durability on hard court floors keep it on the top of the players’ choices. Star Tennis players choose it because of its stability and durability. DNA wrap technology improves stability in the midfoot, making the foot centered on the shoe. Its upper material is made up of flexion, which improves comfort level. The removable sock liner helps in accommodating a medical orthotic. Are you a rigorous Tennis player? Inexhaustibly, Gel Resolution 8 is the best tennis shoe for men.

2) Asics Court FF Novak L.E.

COURT FF NOVAK shoes provide better flexibility and increased support. Its PGuard Toe Protector enhances toe durability with an AHAR® outsole for extensive durability of its rubber compound. TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® technology helps improve support to chase down hard-to-get shots with confidence by reducing the sole weight while retaining the shoe’s structural integrity. Its FLYTEFOAM® technology supports cushioning at all angles. Breathable mesh uppers are provided with synthetic overlay. The COURT FF™ Novak L.E is designed to provide excellent court control. 

3) HEAD Revolt Pro 4.0

HEAD Revolt Pro 4.0 is the best pair of tennis shoes for an aggressive baseliner. The new performance-oriented shoes are highly durable. HEAD T-KORE 360° performance technologies in the upper and sole of the shoes provide improved stability, core strength, torsional support, and abrasion resistance. Perforations in the sock liner, outsole, and midsole provide good ventilation in the bottom. And the presence of a breathable upper mesh material ensures optimal cooling for the players. 

4) Vector X TS-1025 Tennis Shoes

Vector X has been the most stylish and reliable men’s tennis shoes. Its additional flexibility, comfort, and good grip are the key features that make celebrities choose it. The ultra-light, non-marking shoes are a perfect fit for indoor courts. The presence of a padded collar with a synthetic and mesh upper provides good cushioning. A blend of mesh and synthetic leather makes the external material. A padded footbed and cushioned ankle improve the comfortability of shoes. It has an EVA/rubber sole. On the whole, it suits all courts.

5) Babolat Jet Match 3

Babolat Jet Match 3 speed shoes are specially designed with a wider forefoot for better stability and comfort. Players can feel maximum precision and freedom in all their rapid movements. Its Matryx® EVO technology provides comfort, stability, and lightness while playing. The technology blends Aramid & high-strength polyamide fibers for lightweight support, comfort, and added protection. You can even buy Babolat Jet Match 3 tennis shoes online. EVA foam completely protects the heel area to absorb shocks with less hardness. The shoes’ stability ensures the players do not feel any discomfort on the court. 

6) Nivia Zeal 2.0 Tennis Shoes

Its asymmetric toe and lacing design help to ensure a custom fit that adapts to every move. Players obtain ground traction and stability with the help of a non-marking rubber outsole. PU perforation in the upper material provides sufficient ventilation and sweat absorption. Duofoam is used in the midsole, which is reliable and shock absorbent. With the support of Flexipro technology, a flexible sole is made. Footbed with padding keeps the players’ feet warm throughout the game. If you do not find to purchase outside, buy tennis shoes online.


On the gamut, various types of tennis shoes are available in the market. Depending on each one’s need, it varies. So, based on the requirement, budget, specification, and other aspects, you can buy tennis shoes physically and online. You are the right person to make your best choice. Why delay? Pick your tennis shoes right now to ensure your success.

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