5 Common Issues with CNC Machinery & How to Fix Them

Are you encountering a problem with the CNC machinery for sale you got? Then, this guide is for you. Here, we have mentioned the five most common issues and challenges you can face while operating the CNC machine. Keep on reading to find the solutions to them.

Using Wrong Tools

If you are using the wrong cutting tools in the machine, you are more likely to end up having products with a low-quality finish. For instance, they can have raised marks, cutter marks, or burn marks on the edges. Now, this issue arises due to the sharpness in the tools being used or the inaccurate speed ratio. Also, it can be due to the wrong dimension of the tool being used in terms of size and quality.

To overcome the matter, it is important to buy the right size tools for your small CNC machine for sale you got.

Poor Maintenance Schedule

CNC machines are constantly moving and in use, therefore, it is essential to have a proper cleaning and maintenance schedule for them. Failure to do so can result in the accumulation of debris in the machine that over time causes inaccuracies and machine failures.

Luckily, this problem can easily be eliminated. Make sure the machine operator follows a proper maintenance regime before starting operating on the machine. Also, make it compulsory to check the coolant and airflow level, as they are responsible for smooth and uninterrupted working.

Inexperience Staff or Poor Training

If you appoint an inexperienced person to operate the industrial CNC machine you got for sale, there is no shock that it’s going to create problems. The operators need to have a certain specialized set of skills and knowledge for safe operation. Without the proper planning and abilities, they will fail to yield the optimized outcome.

To avoid this, simply hire the right operator who can visualize and make a safe machining process. Also, they should be able to choose the correct tools and write quality programs.

Programming Errors

The majority of the issues in CNC machines are due to the wrong programming by the operator. It can happen when the operator doesn’t have a clear understanding of the G and M codes or makes a wrong setup. To resolve this matter, make sure to provide decent training to your employees and educate them about the correct machine programs. Based on the suggestions of Flint Machine, to do so, you can provide them with user manuals that are written by the suppliers.

The Power Supply Issues

In some cases, if your machine parts aren’t working properly, it can be due to power supply issues. To eliminate this, you can simply ensure that the voltage and power supply is at the correct level at the start and during the process.

These are five of the most common problems you face with CNC machinery for sale. Make sure you follow the precautionary measure because ignoring them can cause expensive repairs later on. Also, to ensure the accuracy of the results, it is crucial there are no errors.

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