6 effective ways to promote your business with custom boxes

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If you read this, I assume you own a business or are considering starting one. The question in your mind is, is it worth it to invest in designing custom wholesale boxes for my business? The regular packaging works just as fine, right? Um no. Not at all. Not even in the least bit. This investment is a massive part of your marketing strategy. You can do so much with it to promote your business. Let me show you how.

1. Dominate your brand name and logo

When you want the client to keep coming back to you, you have to get them to at least remember your name. I mean, that’s just the bare minimum. For starters, you have to make sure you are positioning your brand identity so that it’s the first thing to spot on custom printed boxes. Your brand name should be in a catchy font, and the logo should be innovative. I’m not saying it should be flashy or covered in glitter, but it has got to leave a mark.

 2. Have a signature design for custom boxes wholesale

When building a brand, you must figure out your brand aesthetic. Either choose bold colours or go with a pastel theme; you must stick with it. The packaging for all your products should be similar, which portrays that they all have a consistent quality. The buyer should be able to recognize the style of your custom printed boxes even when they’re standing far from it.

3. Mention all social media handles

Giving your customers a chance to reach out to you and provide feedback is essential. Hence, it would be best if you mentioned all the ways they can find you online. Make sure you put all details on your custom boxes, from your business email address to your Facebook and Instagram profiles. That information in front of them will tempt them to open up your social media profiles and find other products you’re selling. It’s also lovely to feel part of a community using the same product and sharing their experiences.

4. Focus on the outside, but don’t forget the inside.

We have established the significance of your custom boxes wholesale looking pretty on the outside; that’s a must—spoiler alert: the inside matters too. Imagine you receive a beautifully decorated parcel. You’re thrilled to open it. You get past the taping and dive into the box. There it is—the product you ordered lying right there. You are happy to see it, but there’s also a hint of disappointment. The unboxing experience just went down the hill. Couldn’t the brand put in just a little bit more effort?

Let’s save your customers feeling this about your brand. Customers have high hopes attached to the packaging of custom boxes. You can wrap customized tissue paper all around your product, so the experience feels like opening a present. And you know what could be the cherry on top? Put a customized sticker on the tissue paper to seal your deal. How lovely!

5. Share your journey

There is a story behind every brand, a story worth telling. Another thing you can do to make your packages better than the lot is adding a card with your brand journey on it. If you can get the customers invested in your story, they’ll be with you in the long run. Start with the founder’s introduction and then how the business came about.

If it’s been around for a while, share the important milestones you have achieved as a team. People love hearing inspirational stories and like to feel the connection with actual faces behind all the action. This information shouldn’t be limited to your website because most people might not bother to read it there. It must go on custom wholesale boxes to reach more people.

6. Own your values

Packaging boxes plays a huge part in making a brand impression. If you are using eco-friendly box material, it is admired by many. So don’t forget to put that label on your custom printed boxes. If you’re giving some percentage of profits to charity, remember to mention that somewhere. Promoting strong ethical values encourages customers to make purchases.

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