A complete repairing guide for printer

Epson l565 0xf1 error

The printer is a famous hardware device used in almost every company, business, library, etc. It is a crucial gadget for business people and home users. When a user gets an error while accessing the printer; he must fix it immediately. When you see the error, check for possible reasons behind the error. 

The printer is not available

A printer not available is a very common error. The error occurs when the user tries to print a document but the printer name is not appearing on the list. You can face printer not available errors due to connection errors. Remove the cable from the printer and PC. Now connect the cable to the PC and connect the other side with another device. Check if the device is connecting or not. When the cable is not working on any device; you have to purchase a new cable. After using the new cable, your printer will start working. For wireless network; Check the WPS pin and restart it. Try to reconnect your printer and check for errors.

Printer is offline

Your printer shows the offline status when it can’t communicate with the printer. The printer will show Epson l565 0xf1 error if the driver is not working. Whenever the printer shows offline status; open the computer and go to the driver software. Try to update the driver and then run the printer. When the printer still shows an error then inspect the driver for any error. Open the driver and try to repair it. If the user can’t fix the driver then reinstall the printer’s driver. After fixing the driver, the printer offline error will be resolved and you can use the printer without any error.

Ghost printing

Ghost printing means when you see double impressions of the words on the printout. You will get ghost printing issues due to errors on the drum unit. While printing, the electrically charged cylinder transfers the toner to the paper. The error appears when the cylinder is not charged enough and it will show a printing error. When you get the ghost printing, check the humidity in the room. Place the printer in a dry place to reduce humidity. 

This term is also used when you see the light impression of the previous page on your new printout. You will get this ghost effect when the printer is very old. When you are facing this effect, you need to purchase a new printer.

Slow Printing

The speed of the printer reduced with time. But when a new printer is running slow, check for the connection. Your printer’s speed can get reduced when you have connected the printer with a low-speed cable. Use a high-cable for the printer. In network connection, check the distance between printer and router. Keep the printer near the router and your printer’s speed will automatically increase. Also, clean the printhead so it can move freely over the page. For old printers, you can increase the printer’s speed by reducing the quality. Go to the printer’s mode and change to low. This mode is not useful for printing bright photos. But you can use this mode for black and white printing. The ink usage is also very low. You can take your printouts quickly. Whenever you have to take colorful printouts, you can switch the mode to normal.

Memory full

Every printer has an inbuilt memory to store the jobs. When the printer gets the job, it stores it in memory. Users can give lots of print commands at once and the commands will be stored in a queue. Users will get memory full status if the queue is full and the user is sending a new print job. For troubleshooting the error, take the printouts to free the memory. After taking all the earlier print jobs; give new print command. Now your printer will start taking new commands. If you need to take a printout immediately then you can remove all pending jobs. 

  1. Open your run wizard and type control printers
  2. Right-click on your printer name and hit on Open button
  3. Select All in the print job and hit the Cancel button
  4. Now all the pending jobs on the queue will get removed. Give a new print command and check for printing errors.

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