Best Tips to Keep Your Child Away from Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

With the passage of time, not only have adults become more gadget-oriented but so have children. Mitigating such addiction is important at a young age. We provide you with some tips to prevent Mobile Phones addiction for children. We live in a digital age where our daily routines are governed by what social media dictates.

Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones

With the increasing need to stay up-to-date with technology, and be more social media-oriented, it is not uncommon to see children as young as three-year-olds getting addicted to mobile phones or tablets.

To avert a child’s attention from any environmental tensions, in fact, handing over a phone to a young child is becoming the go-to action for many adults. This may result in the child getting addicted to the limitless world provided by a phone. We list down some tips to prevent such a situation from unfolding.

Lead by Example

Children often emulate the behaviours of individuals that live with them. Reducing your dependence on a smartphone may result in your child following the same behavioural patterns.

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This may be a little difficult, especially in a remote working situation where your work or study depends on the usage of mobile phones. If such a situation occurs, staying away from your phone during your leisure time can still make a difference in your child’s life.

Encourage Outdoor Activities

Nowadays, even the best phones under Rs. 15,000 come with pre-installed gaming applications that result in children getting addicted to their phones quicker than a standard amount of time. Building an environment where outdoor activities are encouraged not only prevents phone addiction but also motivates a child to get the exercise they need to remain healthy.

Investing in a board game or two could result in your children playing with other individuals outside. If this is not possible, playing pretend games with your children can also reduce their mobile phone addiction.

Restrict Phone Access

If your child is older, reducing their phone usage may be a little difficult. At an older age, a child is surrounded by other kids their age, and they tend to try to fit in by increasing their social media usage. Establishing rules that restrict phone usage during certain intervals of the day, when your child is at this age especially, is imperative.

For instance, a rule that asserts ‘no phones at the table during lunch and dinner’ can go a long way in making a child more comfortable with conversing with other individuals rather than using a smartphone.

Replace your Phone’s Activities with Physical Objects

With the advancement in technology, a mobile phone now comes with applications that permit you to conduct your entire work and study life on the phone itself. This increases an individual’s dependence on technology at a very young age.

Taking school notes on your mobile phone itself, for instance, is now the new ‘normal. Similarly, mobile phones have replaced an individual’s newspaper reading time, music listening sessions and gaming periods.

Purchasing a board game or subscribing to your local newspaper outlet can make a huge difference in how much you engage with your mobile phone. A little investment in alternative objects instead of depending on your phone goes a long way in reducing your phone usage levels.

Disable Notifications/ Alerts

After reading a few parental blogs, we can conclude that merely disabling your phone’s notifications can result in you using your phone less. Notifications play a positive role in alerting us when an application’s policies are updated or when a friend messages us.

This, however, is not very important for a child and may result in them engaging with their phones a lot more.

Setting Passwords

Setting a password or a passcode on your phone will result in your child accessing the phone less. This is one of the first few steps a parent takes up to restrict their child’s access to an electronic gadget.

Even affordable phones or the best phone under 15000 (according to consumer reviews) come with password protection provisions to increase the security of the device.

Switch off your Wi-Fi Connection

Providing a child with a phone with limitless access to the internet piques their curiosity and increases their need to navigate through the device, and learn all of its functions.

Instead, downloading a few videos and switching off your Wi-Fi connection will result in your child using the phone a lot less. Other than using the phone when necessary, usage of such a device will be treated as the last resort.

Restricting Phone Access in the Bedroom

This rule can be applied to individuals of all age groups. The bedroom tends to be the room an individual spends the most amount of their time in a house. Keeping your phone on your nightstand to set an alarm is a very common activity for working individuals.

Instead, purchasing an alarm clock and keeping your phone in another room will prevent you from using your phone. Similarly, keeping a phone in another room will also reduce your child’s dependence on the phone.

Most of us (children included) tend to inculcate a habit where we reach out to our smartphones when we first wake up every morning. Stopping this habit is recommended to mitigate mobile phone addiction.

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