Can Hearing Aids Damage Hearing?

Hearing Aids

One of the main worries of people purchasing hearing aids is whether the devices will make them dependent or deteriorate their hearing further. In reality, that it’s not! A few clients return to the clinic after several weeks of saying hearing aids have affected their hearing and that they can’t hear anything without hearing aids. What’s happened?

Adaptation for hearing aids

The user might have felt after wearing an aid to hearing for a few weeks is an adaption to the hearing aid. The brain that was deaf throughout this time is slowly picking up the increased auditory stimulation. This has led to changes in the central part of processing and is now known as the “new regular.” The sounds are now being perceived as they were before hearing loss established. Thus when hearing aids are removed, it is clear that there is a huge contrast between hearing aids and not having them. As the aid adapts and the differences become too apparent, the world that is not aided appears so quiet and dull.

How can you confirm it’s an adaptation, not hearing loss?

An easy hearing test can answer your query if you have any questions about your hearing. You could visit the hearing and speech clinic in Bangalore. If your hearing is the same as before you were equipped with the aid, it is simply a change in the latest hearing aid.

Are you currently using hearing aids? There are four golden rules to help you get comfortable with aids.

Wear your hearing aids regularly.

To help you get used to hearing aids at the beginning, you should wear your hearing aids throughout the day for as long as they’re comfortable. It’s possible to take them off when you go to bed. Be flexible with your schedule. However, the more you use aids, the quicker you’ll get used to aids.

Be aware of your listening to develop your ability to detect sounds.

Numerous sounds may surprise you: the kettle, the phone, or even the refrigerator. But don’t worry, it’s normal! You’ll have to learn their names to identify them. In time, they’ll be a part of your daily routine. To watch TV, ask someone else to confirm to turn the television to normal volume. Adjust the volume of the aids so that you can be able to hear the TV.

Be patient

Be realistic about your aids’ capabilities and what they aren’t able to achieve. They have limitations with regards to their technology and your hearing. An initial couple of days will likely be the most challenging. After the initial adjustment, your aids will get more pleasing.

Slowly, but certain

You won’t be able to adjust to aids within a few minutes. It’s like changing new dentures or lenses. Normal to experience sounds that appear odd at first, but they will change rapidly! Keep a steady and consistent listening often, frequently, and regularly to sounds with aids. This will aid in hearing sounds more easily be able to hear. The enjoyment of hearing grows with each use!

If you’re experiencing issues with aids, go to the hearing aids Hyderabad center. They will assist patients and do everything possible to ensure you can enjoy hearing benefits.

Do you know of any way that a hearing aid can harm hearing?

The increased sound volume from the needed level is not recommended and could cause harm. Similar to how we are advised not to listen to our music at a greater volume. But, a properly-programmed hearing aid won’t cause any harm. Hearing aids do not safeguard your hearing; therefore, users of hearing aids are similarly susceptible to damage to their hearing as an average hearing person when exposed to loud sound.

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