Cost Of MBBS In Russia At Affordable Prices

Cost Of MBBS In Russia

Russia Offers The Highest Quality Medical Education In The World

  • No cash donations are required.
  • No entrance exam.
  • Very easy admission procedure.
  • The degree is accredited by the PMC, WHO, and UNESCO.
  • High-quality training.
  • Very low fees.
  • Very good accommodation.
  • Well-equipped tertiary hospitals.
  • Advanced teaching facilities.

Medical education in Russia is recognized as being of high quality. Admission to Russian medical universities is a complex system. MBBS for international students in Russia has been a growing trend for 25 years. In terms of the Cost Of MBBS In Russia, it is very affordable, unlike the fees paid in Pakistani medical schools.

The proposed medical college in Russia for medical studies is now the preferred choice of more than 2000 Pakistani students every year. The duration of MBBS in Russia is 6 years. A one-year internship in Pakistan must be completed after completing the course and passing the NEXT/FMGE examination.

What are the best Russian medical universities for Pakistani students?

You can choose a medical university in Russia based on the ranking of educational institutions by the Pakistani Mission to Pakistan.

You may be wondering, “Why study MBBS in Russia? Why not in another country?

Here is the reason why you should study MBBS in Russia.

The first reason is the quality of education.

An MBBS program in Russia offers a wealth of practical knowledge and experience. The best universities have been offering MBBS courses in Russia for almost 150 years!

MBBS training in Russian medical universities is much better for Pakistani academics as some private medical colleges lack quality training and practical experience. In the best Russian medical schools, completing an MBBS degree in English will guarantee an excellent medical career. English-language Russian MBBS training is likely to be offered in some of the best and most reputable Russian medical universities.

Another reason to study MBBS in Russia is the low cost

Studying medicine in Russian universities is always cheaper than enrolling in Pakistani medical schools because medicine is inexpensive in Russia. It is a good idea to take advantage of all the benefits of an ideal Russian MBBS school. Hundreds of thousands of Pakistani scientists have studied in Russian MBBS medical schools over the last 25 years.

Tuition fees at Russian medical universities vary depending on the university. The cost of MBBS education in Russia can vary depending on the degree, type and location of the university. Studying medicine in Russia is an excellent option as the Russian currency has depreciated considerably.

A third reason is that there are few applicants for MBBS studies in Russia.

The entry requirements for medical studies in Russia are nominal, starting from 50-60% at PCB level 12. The subjects are the same as in Pakistani medical colleges. Thus, medical studies in Russia remain uniform and at the same time uniquely diverse.

In summary, tuition fees at Russian medical universities are comprehensive. They cover tuition fees for all English-language courses, dormitory accommodation, living costs, food and various other expenses such as residence permits, insurance, books, etc.

So why not study MBBS in Russia now and make the most of your medical career?

MBBS in Russia for Pakistani students

Russia is one of the most popular countries for Pakistani students to pursue the MBBS program in Russia. Russia is one of the most renowned countries for medical education and its universities are among the best medical schools in the world. Russia was one of the two superpowers until 1991 when the Soviet Union broke up into the Russian Federation and 17 countries seceded from Russia.

Russia is one of the most popular destinations for Pakistani MBBS students because it offers high-quality education, is friendly to Pakistan and the lifestyle and culture are close to the Pakistani people. Almost 80% of Russians belong to Russian ethnic groups. Russians speak Russian, but other dialects are spoken in many other parts of Russia.

MBBS student life in Russia

According to recent studies, medicine is one of the most sought-after professions for Pakistani students in Russia. Russian medical schools are very popular with students from the former Soviet Union, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, and many other countries. High-quality education and affordable tuition fees attract foreign students to study MBBS in Russia. Life for MBBS students in Russia is not only stressful but also attractive.


Russian winters are harsh and usually last 2-3 months a year. Dormitories, classrooms, stores and public transportation are centrally heated. Students should make sure to carry warm clothing such as coats, hats, gloves, etc. when traveling to Russia. The temperature in Russia is around +20 degrees Celsius for most of the year. The climate in Russia varies, but in general, Russia is a very cold country and some of the coldest places in the world are in Russia. Russia’s climate depends on a number of factors, including the country’s large land area. Russia stretches from Europe to East Asia.  The climate varies from place to place. However, most of the country is colder than the rest of the world.

Social Life:

Education in Russia goes beyond the classroom. Students can choose from a wide range of cultural activities. Most universities organize field trips to introduce students to Russian culture, history and geography. There are many museums and galleries to visit. Students can also look forward to extracurricular activities such as theater, horseback riding, flying lessons, and many sports. Student unions regularly organize concerts, parties and field trips. Universities offer a wide range of social and leisure activities and opportunities for students, such as opera houses, ballets, and theater performances. Traditional and cultural events held each year exert a great attraction on international students.


Most Russian medical universities offer comfortable accommodations with all necessary facilities. The dormitories have hot and cold running water, and central heating and each room has beds, desks, chairs, storage space and a telephone. University accommodation is a great way to interact with international students and experience a foreign culture. Private apartments are also available for students who do not wish to live on campus.

Dining options:

Students usually choose cheap cafes on campus. However, there are easily accessible cafes and restaurants where students can eat. University houses usually have a communal kitchen and there are many supermarkets and stores nearby where students can buy food. Sharing meals with international students is a popular option.


The Russian dynasty was founded in 862 by the Viking Rurik. The country was conquered by the Mongols in 1237. The Mongols destroyed most of the major cities. Slavery was abolished in Russia in 1861. In the 1980s, resource shortages began. Imported goods began to enter the country. Putin’s rise to power was the most important event in Russian history. Putin brought political stability to the country.


Russia’s GDP is $1.47 trillion, making it one of the most developed countries in the world.  Natural gas and petrochemicals are Russia’s main export activities. The most efficient industries in Russia are petrochemicals, natural gas, automotive, arms and military equipment, etc. China and Pakistan are the largest importers of Russian products. Medical education is also an important factor for the Russian economy as most Pakistani students go to Russia to obtain MBBS degrees.


Russians are very friendly, especially towards Pakistanis, because Pakistanis and Russians call each other friends. Russians love reading, they love reading and they read a lot. You see a lot of people reading a book in trains and buses. Their general knowledge is very good and they are considered very educated all over the world.


The main language in the country is Russian, but many people also speak English, Chinese, Spanish and other languages. People in this country like to speak many languages, as they choose German, Spanish or other European languages as an elective in high school.


The preferred means of transportation for students in Russia are buses, trolleys, trams and subways. Russia has a reliable and decent public transport system, which is reasonably priced and easily accessible to students.


Russia may seem far from home, but the country has reliable communication services that allow students to easily stay in touch with family and friends anywhere in the world. Thanks to increasing technological capabilities and other communication services, students can stay in touch on a regular basis.

Universities in Russia are now investing effectively to ensure that highly qualified professionals and modern technology are used not only for teaching and learning purposes but also to improve the quality of life of students during their medical studies in the country.

MBBS IN RUSSIA – Why study in Russia?

The cost of living is very low. Russia is not an expensive country and you don’t need a lot of money to live there. Click here to check the prices of essentials in Russia

Russian universities offer high-quality education

Pakistan and Russia have very strong cultural and economic ties.

Russian medical universities are among the best medical schools in the world.

Russian medical universities emphasize on practical training, which is very important for medical students.

Most medical universities in Russia are recognized by WHO, PMC and other major medical commissions around the world.

Affordable MBBS tuition fees also attract students to study MBBS in Russia

The European lifestyle is attractive to most students.

The medium of instruction is English, as in Pakistan.

All the universities in Russia are state universities.

Most universities offer Pakistani food or home-cooked food.

Russian universities have a very good reputation worldwide.

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