Essential Linking Words For Your Assignments – A Must Read Guide For University Students

Essential Linking Words For Your Assignments

Students take many hours to make up their minds about writing an assignment. But if they know all essential components that take their assignment to the next level, they will surely need as minimum time as possible to complete a written assignment. This article will also give a brief description of one such essential of academic writing named ‘linking words’. Let us learn what linking words are and what the proper use of such words is in academic writing.

What are linking words?

Linking words are the words, also known as transition words, which aim to create an association between different parts and clauses of a sentence. They help in maintaining uniformity in an assignment. No matter whether you want to connect different ideas, paragraphs, sentences, and even parts of a sentence, linking/ transition words can serve the purpose. To develop more understanding, we can say that if an assignment is a building under construction, then the linking/transition words will be the cement that helps each brick to stay on another.

Different Categories Of Linking/Transition Words Based On The Feature They Serve:

Words that specify order and sequences throughout the text:

In an academic assignment, especially one describing a phenomenon or process, the order and sequence between occurrences of different events must be clear. Suppose you are doing a biology assignment, and the teacher assigned you a task to describe the process of transcription of genes. In this case, some words may help you clarify which step is followed by the other. The following are some words that will help you in showing the sequence between different steps and events:

  • First/second/third
  • First of all
  • Following this
  • For more
  • In the beginning
  • Meanwhile
  • Previously
  • At next step

Words that can be used to compare different ideas or concepts:

Comparison is another important task in academic assignments because it helps in finding useful inferences by taking some group-specific characteristics into consideration. Even in taxonomical, when you have to explain why two different types of animal are placed in the same group, comparing linking or transition words help in bringing clarity to your content. Examples of such words include:

  • By the same token
  • A similar
  • At the same time
  • Likewise
  • Just as … so too
  • Comparable
  • Just like
  • As with
  • Equally

Words that help in contrasting two or more ideas:

Contrast refers to the differences between two ideas, objects, and subjects. In academic writing, contrast is extremely helpful in making a judgment based on the differences between different schools of thoughts and groups. To effectively achieve the aim, a writer can choose any appropriate word from the following list of contrasting linking/transition words:

  • Yet
  • While
  • Apart from
  • Although
  • In spite of
  • Whereas
  • On the contrary
  • Even so

Words important to give elaboration on a point:

While writing a long text, in many places, we often need to break a long sentence into smaller ones so readers can easily understand the message behind it. In such cases, the new sentence must contain some signalling words indicating its connection with the previous sentences. The following are some words that can help you in establishing a connection between different sentences providing elaboration on the point discussed previously:

  • Furthermore
  • Also
  • Too
  • Again
  • In addition
  • As well
  • For instance
  • As revealed by
  • Finally
  • For instance
  • As revealed by
  • Finally

Linking words for showing cause and effect relationships:

In academic writing, sometimes, the sole purpose of writing is to reflect on why something happens. In such assignments, you have to describe whether a certain event affects the occurrence of another. This type of association between different factors is called cause and effect relationship. If you want to write it effectively, you can seek help from the following linking words:

  • Stems from
  • Comes from
  • Results from
  • As a consequence of
  • Therefore
  • Consequently
  • For this reason
  • Is the consequence of
  • Is due to
  • Owing to

Concluding linking/transition words:

Like establishing connections between different concepts, transition words also make an assignment more impactful by signifying what comes next. For example, when you reach the conclusion section of an assignment, the reader must make up his/her mind that the assignment is going to end. Thus, for this purpose, the following list of concluding linking words can help you:

  • To conclude
  • In conclusion
  • On the whole
  • Summarising
  • In short
  • In the long run
  • As a result
  • For the most part
  • All things considered

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Final Thoughts:

Consequently, after reading the article, we can say that linking words help in maintaining fluency in an assignment. No single word can meet all your academic writing needs; rather, for achieving different purposes, different categories will be helpful. Apart from all, the best assignment must use different types of such words in different sections.

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