Essential Tools to Increase Your Productivity at Job

Increase Productivity

Productivity means that you can maximize your time and tasks within the given time frame. We are living in a fast pace and busy world and in this world, if we want to increase our productivity, we have to rely on different tools. Sometimes, we have to juggle lots of tasks and responsibilities. Due to these tasks and responsibilities, it is difficult for us to stay on task. By using some essential apps and services, we can stick to the most important tasks. Here, we will discuss some essential tools to increase productivity on the job.


While working in a firm, we have to set our goals and we have to perform our duties continuously. Beeminder is the best app for you to visualize your goals and set measurable targets. By using this app, you can easily complete your project on the time. Its reason is that this app allows you to set your goals and to avail the required outcomes. Moreover, this app will also minimize the distractions around you. While completing your project, it will also show your progress. By showing your progress, you can get an idea of whether you are on the track or not.


This app was launched in 2006 and it is known as an online time tracking tool. By installing this software, you can easily set time for different goals. After setting time for different goals, you can easily track the time and you can also review the time wisely. You can easily use this app on your computer, tablet, or android phone. This app will be helpful to you to track lots of hours that you are spending on a specific project. It is also known as one of the most important and easy-to-use apps to track the time that users are spending performing different tasks.


This app was launched in 2000. To enhance productivity at the workplace, you have to organize your time, you have to get easy access to the information and you have to keep a record of this information. These are three different tasks and to perform these tasks, you have to install three different apps. The most important benefit of Evernote is that it is providing all of these facilities for the users. With the help of this app, you can easily customize and organize the notes at your workplace. This organization and customization of the notes provide a seamless experience to the users.

Rescue Time:

While working in a firm or a company, if you have to work online, this is the best tool for you. It is a web-based management tool and it can easily monitor the computer usage of the users it can also enhance the time that you are spending on a website. This essential tool is available not only on android phones but it is also available on Linux and Windows OS. At the end of the day, Rescue Time will tell you how you have spent your time the whole day and how you can save your time. Moreover, this is also the best app to take control of the time.


This tool was specially designed for businessmen in 2007. It is a project management tool and it can easily meet the needs of all types of businesses. You can use its free as well as premium plans. The most important benefit of this app is that it is providing a cross-platform and it has lots of excellent features. The language of this app is natural and it can easily generate productivity reports. It is known as the best tool to create to-do lists and complete these lists before the deadline. If you use a premium package of this tool, it will organize all the tasks and you can also track the progress of these tasks.

Freedom – Block Distractions:

Most of the workers can’t complete their tasks before the deadline because they have to face lots of distractions. This tool is developed by keeping in mind this problem of the workers. Whether you are using this tool on your android phone, tablet, or computer, this app can easily block all the distractions. This app is not freely available for the users because it is offering three premium plans. If you want to use this app, you will have one of its plans. If you feel that the specific website is distracting your attention from the main theme of the task, you can block this website by using this tool. After blocking this website, it will never show on your device.

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