Everything You Should Know on How to become Data Scientist

How to become Data Scientist

Data science career is booming everywhere and has become one of the hottest options for students. One after another, many companies worldwide need a data scientist to solve diverse and complex data problems. This situation has put data scientists in an advantageous position in terms of payment, employment, and growth.

By seeing this opportunity, many people become interested in becoming data scientists. So, if you are reading this blog, it means you are also one of those people.

Thus, we compiled some effective and attractive way that helps you to pursue your dream in the data science world.

Steps to becoming Data Scientist

Your data scientist journey will not be accessible without hard work, passion, and dedication. If you follow this strictly, it will give you back and smoothen your journey to become an excellent data scientist.

  • Preparation

Before entering university or enrolling in an online program, it is helpful to start preparing. To become a data scientist, it is essential to become proficient in programming languages like Python, R, Java, and many more. Learning this language and refreshing your math and statistics knowledge will help you to get a good start in your career.

In short, early exposure to the data scientist field will help you in determining whether the career is right for you or not.

  • Complete Undergraduate Studies

The most sought-after majors for a data scientist are computer science, mathematics, statistics and data science. If you are pursuing an undergraduate program and not prepared to make a switch, then it is advisable to get command over one of them and attend some training programs.

After completing studies, it is time to build professional networks, join internship programs and ask for expert advice.

  • Get Entry Level Job

Many companies are hiring fresh talent for the data scientist role. Search for your interest roles like junior Data Analyst or data scientist. Thus, obtaining system-specific training or the best data science certification will help you take entry-level data science jobs. So, before you start giving interviews, brush up on your skills, especially if it is related to a data science career.

  • Complete Master Degree or PhD 

In a data science career, the job opportunities are vast for Ph.D. or master’s degree holders. The in-demand graduate degree includes the exact specification of an undergraduate like data science, math, statistics, computer science, and information technology.

However, many companies accept STEM degrees like biotechnology, physics, and engineering. Also, the data scientist should know how to use enterprise-grade data management programs and how distributed storage and computation operate with predictive analysis.

  • Get Promoted

To become an expert or high in demand, you should obtain additional education and experience in the data scientist world. Therefore, getting technical skills in project management and leadership and a data scientist certification will open more job opportunities and higher compensation.

  • Never Stop Learning

Staying relevant in the field is crucial for the ever-evolving field of data science. In the technologically innovative world, education is a hedge against changing shifts in the market. The same policy applies in data science; continuous knowledge will open many doors and establish a focused career for you.

A career-oriented data scientist is constantly learning and evolving with the industry. You can further enhance your knowledge and development through boot camps and attending conferences.

Who Can Become Data Scientist?

The demand for data scientist role has paved the way for user interface-based tools that do not need expert coding knowledge. If you have an interest and strong knowledge of algorithms, it is easy for you to build data processing models.

Even if you don’t know about the basics of coding and have an exceptional degree in data science, you can still become a good data scientist. But with excellent learning capability and certification, you can excel in a data scientist career.


Data science as a career is a good option that is an exciting job as well as rewarding. Besides these rewards, it is a challenging career too. You may be getting into it for the short term, but for long–term persistence, you need a strong foundation in this domain.

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