Examination Content of Project Management Certification

A PMP certification course for managers is offered by the Project Management Institute, which is referred to as the Project Management Professional. It helps to accelerate your career and ensure growth. Government, commercial and other organizations look for project management certification to ensure the success rate of their projects.  

The entire CAPM Certification is broadly divided into three distinct categories as enumerated here under: 

Domain  Percentage 
People 42%
Process 50%
Business Environment   8%
Grand Total  100%


Before moving forward, it is imperative to comprehend the three most prominent terms used in PMP certification:

Domain  High-level knowledge area that is essential to practice project management.
Tasks The responsibilities of the project manager within each domain. 
Enablers Examples of the work associated with the task. 


Domain wise coverage for PMP certification has been provided below for quick reference: 

Domain 1: People 

Task 1 How to manage conflict? 
Task 2 How to lead the team? 
Task 3 How to support the team performance? 
Task 4 How to empower the team members and stakeholders?
Task 5 Ensuring that the team members and stakeholders are appropriately trained?
Task 6 How to build a team? 
Task 7 How to address as well as remove obstacles and blockers for the team? 
Task 8 How to negotiate the project agreements?
Task 9 How to collaborate with the stakeholders? 
Task 10 How to build a shared understanding? 
Task 11 How to engage and support virtual teams?
Task 12 How to define team ground rules? 


Domain 2: Process

Task 1 Execution of the project with the requirement to deliver business value.
  • Examination of the business value throughout the project.
  • Access the opportunities to deliver value incrementally
  • Supporting the team 
Task 2 Manage communications.
  • Analyzing the communication needs of all the stakeholders. 
  • Determining the communication methods, channels, frequency, and level of detail
  • Communicating the project details and confirming the same are received and understood in the true sense. 
Task 3 Assess and manage risk.
  • Determining the risk management options
  • Assessment and prioritization of the risk
Task 4 Engage stakeholders.
  • Analysis of the stakeholders
  • Categorization
  • Development of a strategy to engage the stakeholders
Task 5 Plan and manage budget and resources. 
  • Plan and manage resources
  • Anticipate future budget challenges
  • Monitor budget variations
Task 6 Plan and manage schedules.  
  • Estimate project tasks
  • Utilize the benchmarks and historical data
  • Prepare schedules based on the methodology
  • Measure the process, modify and coordinate with the other projects and their operations. 
Task 7 Plan and manage the quality of products/deliverables.
  • Determine the quality standard for the project deliverables
  • Recommend options for improvement
  • Continually survey the deliverables
Task 8 Plan and manage scope.
  • Determine and prioritize your requirements
  • Break down the scope, monitor, and validate. 
Task 9 Integrate project planning activities.
  • Consolidate the project/phase plans 
  • Collect and analyze the data to make an informed decision. 
Task 10 Manage project changes.
  • Project management training will train you to anticipate and embrace the need for change, determining the strategy to handle change.  
Task 11 Plan and manage procurement.
  • Define the resource available requirements
  • Manage supplies and contracts
Task 12 Manage Project artifacts.
  • Determine the requirements –what, when, who, where
  • Validate and keep them up to date 
Task 13 Determine appropriate project methods and practices.
  • Assess the need of the project, complexity, and magnitude
  • Recommend the project execution strategy
Task 14 Establish a project governance structure.
  • Determine the appropriate governance for the project
Task 15 Manage project issues.
  • Find out when a risk becomes an issue
Task 16 Ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity. 
  • Discuss project responsibilities within the team
  • Outline and confirm the approach 
Task 17 Plan and manage project/phase closure or transitions.
  • Find out the criteria to close the project or phase
  • Validate the readiness and conclude


Domain 3: Business Environment

Task 1 Planning and management of project compliance. 
  • Measurement of the extent to which the project is in compliance
  • Classification of the compliance categories 
  • Methods to support compliance 
  • Analyzing the consequences of non-compliance
Task 2 Evaluation and delivery of project benefits and value. 
  • Assess delivery options to demonstrate the value
  • Review that the benefits are identified
  • Documentation of the agreement on ownership for continuing benefit realization
  • Verify that the measurement system is appropriately placed. 
  • Appraise the stakeholders of the value gain process.  
Task 3 Addressing the external business environment changes for impact in scope. 
  • Understand the changes to the external business environment
  • Prioritize the impact on the project
  • Recommend options for scope backlog changes
  • Continual Review
Task 4 Support organizational change.
  • Impact of the organizational change on the project and vice versa 
  • Access to the organizational culture


The skilled project managers are in high demand. Research indicates that about 2.2 million new project-oriented roles shall be generated in the ensuing years. The PMP certification and PMP training validates that you have the necessary leadership skills that employers look out for. The new examination outline consists of three key approaches: 

  • Predictive
  • Agile 
  • Hybrid

The PMP certification course online is the easiest to look for. The certification adds value to your skillset, delivers several benefits, and ensures that you work smarter. At the same time, the PMP certification cost is not too high.

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