Best Methods to fix common Epson printer errors

error 0xf1 Epson l565

Epson printers are known for their simple interface as they are easy to use. These devices are available in different sizes for different tasks. New Epson devices also provide multiple functions like fax and scan. Epson printers are robust but there are certain common issues that the users often get with Epson.

Common errors on Epson printer

  1. The printer is showing offline status
  2. The printer is running slow
  3. Faded printouts
  4. Epson printer communication error
  5. Can’t find the printer on the network
  6. Ghost Printing
  7. Epson printer memory full

Troubleshooting Epson printer common errors

Epson printer is not offline

Your printer shows offline status when it is not connected. You have to check the Epson device and computer connection. The user should restart the printer and PC once before searching for another solution.

If the connection is interrupted due to runtime errors, they will immediately get fixed. If the Epson printer is still not connected then remove the cable. Replace the loose or slow cable with a high-speed one. Reconnect the devices and now check Epson printer status.

When you are running an Epson printer wirelessly, go to the router. Restart your WPS pin and then restart the Wi-Fi button on the printer. Search the network and connect your printer. The printer will show Available and then you can take the printouts.

Epson printer is running slow

Your printer slows down when it is connected to a low-speed cable. The user should change his cable for improving the printer speed. Epson printer speed also reduces due to low electricity. Always connect the printer directly to the wall-out instead of using the UPS. To increase the speed of network printing, you can keep the printer near the router.

But when the printer is old, the user can change the mode. If you take printouts on Low-quality mode; they get printed with good speed. But using this method can only work for plain printouts. For word files, pdf files, or any black and white documents; change the mode and increase the printing speed. If you have to take a bright printout, revert the mode to normal or high.

Epson printer error code 0xf1

When the user sends a print command; the printer sometimes shows an error 0xf1 Epson l565 message and it stops working. This error shows that the Epson can’t communicate with your PC. You have to fix Epson communication issues, inspect the driver on the computer. Search for the correct Epson driver on your computer. For the existing Epson driver, check for the update. If the driver setup seems corrupted, remove it. Open the Epson website and reinstall the driver for your Epson printer. 

Unable to find Epson on network

Many users get issues while connecting the Epson printer to the network. For direct connecting, the router must have the WPS. Check the WPS pins status for the printer connection. If you can’t use the direct method, the user has to connect the Epson printer using the standard method. But almost all new routers have WPS. Restart the router and restart the Wi-Fi button on the printer. Now go to the Epson screen and check for the network. Choose the correct network and use the printer.

Ghost printing 

Ghost printing occurs when the fuser or printhead is not working correctly. You have to check the printhead and if it is clogged then clean it. Open Epson software and run the printhead cleaning utility. For deeper cleaning, use a cloth and remove dry ink manually. On old printers, getting ghost printouts is common. If the printer is ghosting often then replace the printer and get a new one. 

Faded printouts

Epson shows print quality issues if it runs on low ink. When the printhead can’t get enough ink; it starts giving faded printouts. Whenever your printer gives you a low-quality printout; check its toner. Replace the cartridge and install a new Epson cartridge. The ink quality should be good, use only original toner. The printer will print on low quality if the toner is not good. You can refill the cartridge with good ink for maintaining print quality. Also, check the printing mode immediately. The quality reduces when the printer is in Low-quality mode. Go to the settings and change printing mode to High. 

Epson printer memory is full

Memory full shows that you have lots of pending jobs. If you send a new job, an error will appear. So, take the printout and free some space in the memory. Once the printer memory gets some space, you can easily send new jobs. If any job gets stuck, remove it from the queue and resume the printing.

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