Gadgets You Need to Buy if You Are a Freelancer!

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Who said freelancing is easy? Being your boss is one of the toughest things in the World. You know why? Well, it’s pretty obvious. When there is no one to reprimand you for your procrastination, you end up being a couch potato. You keep delaying impending tasks as there is no one to physically ask you for constant updates. This lack of answerability makes you want to curl up inside your blanket on a windy day and avoid the tasks as long as you can.

It’s only when a deadline is a few hours away that you realize it’s time to toil! Most often than not, the task that you complete right before a deadline sucks! You do everything haphazardly, and then you regret offering your client that substandard piece. But obviously, you can’t do anything, anymore.

If you feel like you just read your own story, high-five! Half of the readers will think the same way. Humans have an in-built tendency to avoid work and stay comfortable as long as they can. However, being a freelancer, this procrastination can sometimes cost you the annoyance of a good client. Hence, one should always be up and ready to offer the best possible work to the client.

You’ve come to the right place looking for gadgets that will make your life much easier and convenient!

  • A backup internet connection/device:

This is probably the most important investment that you can make being a freelancer. A freelancer needs internet at all times. No matter where you go and what nature of work you have to perform, a stable internet connection will help you do so. An affordable internet provider, which doesn’t ditch you when you need it the most is what you need to get your hands on.

Though your regular internet connection would also work well for your tasks to be completed on time, but being a freelancer, you can’t really trust your luck. The failure of your internet to work when you need to submit your tasks may be a genuine excuse, but your client just won’t buy it. Alongside this, while traveling, you need to keep two internet dongles. This is because if one stops working owing to bad internet signals, the other one would work for you!

  • A Power bank:

Just like your internet connection, your laptop battery can ditch you anytime! If the power suddenly goes out while your laptop’s battery is at its lowest, you are doomed!

This is why that one thing you really need to have in order to save you on a rainy day is a power bank. The ones that come for the laptop aid freelancers in saving their honor and keep their clients.

With several options available on the internet and in the markets, you can choose the one that is just according to your convenience. This way, even if there is no power to plug your laptop’s charger in the socket and charge it, the ‘charged’ power bank will aid you.

A power bank is also quite a reliable option to go for in case you are an avid traveler. Wherever you go, you can keep it and make your life easier.

  • Good quality speakers:

Now you don’t only need speakers to blast out songs while partying with your friends at home. Rather, you also need speakers to work in your favor for professional video making and audio recording. Faulty or low-quality speakers would affect the quality of your work, for sure!

In case you need to record music or voices for your freelance task, you can’t really rely on speakers attached to your laptop. They perform really badly and do not produce professional content at all.

  • A sophisticated mouse:

If you are a freelancer and still rely on that old-age mouse, it’s time to switch to a new one.

A mouse with programmable buttons is what you need in order to make your freelance work fast and efficient. With the help of this programmable mouse, you will be able to take quick actions such as copy-pasting, screenshot taking, and sending a printing command.

This way, even if you had been procrastinating half your day, once you get up to work, you will be able to complete your task much efficiently. It will save a lot of time and hassle for you, and the submission will happen timely.

  • A hard drive:

As a freelancer, you would have quite a lot of content stored on your laptop. You can’t rely on the memory that comes by default with your laptop. Not only it is insufficient at times, but anything can happen to your laptop at any time.

Accidently spilling your tea on your laptop may end you up losing all your data and your laptop may never turn on ever again! This will make you want to bang your head on the wall as every single task that you ever did was stored in this one machine.

To avoid such a situation, it is always a good idea to get your hands on a reliable hard drive. It will have all your important data stored in it, which will come in handy even if you lose the one on your laptop.

To wrap it up

Being a freelancer comes with its own pros and cons. Where it gives you the freedom to work from your home or a café, at times it comes with crazy deadlines. Being your own boss is not easy and has its own challenges. However, if you have chosen this lifestyle for you, you would have to be really efficient in making it work for you. Negligence can cost you your valuable clients while being efficient and using these gadgets will set you apart from others in the market.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these gadgets and transform your freelance lifestyle.

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