Guide for Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me

You’re planning to take a trip for lunch, breakfast or dinner, but you don’t want to leave your dog in the car? No worries! There are many Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me outdoor spaces in North County to dine at. Below are a list of restaurants that are pet-friendly and will gladly welcome your dog for a meal on the patio.

1. Board & Brew

High-quality sandwiches and craft beers is the essence of what Board and Brew is all about. For decades, lovers of Board & Beer’s sandwiches are spreading the news all over Southern California, making this popular local restaurant a cult favorite. They are known for “keeping the real thing” and maintaining a simple menu. They have a simple menu and warm service, and your pet will enjoy sitting in the sun, with the breeze blowing through the fur of his (or their!) fur.

Smashburger Del Mar is locate in the lower part in the Del Mar Plaza, street side of Coast Hwy and 15th. There’s a patio outside however, for a spectacular panorama of the Pacific sit down on the patio of the plaza just down the stairs. There’s always a crowd and you’ll be treat to a diverse variety of music on weekends. It’s a little cold in the shade, therefore be sure you bring an extra sweater or jacket. You don’t want to leave without taking in the stunning sunset!

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In close proximity to the legendary Belly Up Tavern, you and your pet will swoon over the menu and the music theme interior. Its Wild Note Cafe is a bistro-style neighborhood restaurant with a the vibe of a party. It is a perfect fit on S. Cedros in the center of Solana Beach Cedros Design District. The menu is full of amazing food items, like Lobster Dumplings as well as Ancho Hot Honey Glaze Salmon

Famous for their lively Trivia Nights, as well as their special sausages and their special sausages, the Regal Seagull welcomes your dog on their outdoor patio. Enjoy a pint with your pal while you answer the most important questions, such as Seinfeld’s favorite friend.

When you drive along Coast Highway it’s difficult not to be struck by the Victorian beauty of the building that houses Pannikin Coffee & Tea. It was built in 1887. This lovely white and yellow structure was originally the Santa Fe train station in Encinitas and has been a place to gather for visitors and locals alike. The interior has remain the same as it was when people visit and left at the time but instead of tickets to places across the coast, people buy specialty breakfast scrambles, coffees with delicious salads, freshly bake pastries.

There’s plenty of seating in the outdoor area which is where your dog is invite to join in however, you must be quick to relax on one of the adirondacks in the grass.

Encinitas Cafe is your typical retro diner that is decorate with the typical retro style. There is a constant flow of people who eat breakfast, starting from early morning hours until the lunch hour. While they do offer an option for lunch for pancakes. If you’d like to have them at noon, they’ll gladly accommodate. The service is pleasant as is the food delicious. If you and Fido aren’t too busy .The patio is a great spot to sit and watch the world go by.

The Farm-to-Table eating trend for some time and is still a trend, however not all establishments have their own farms, Bistro West does! Its Bistro West menu is comprise of “The Classics” including Filet Mignon, Beef Stroganoff as well as Chicken Pot Pie, in addition to homemade pizzas as well as pastas and hamburgers. The menu is a reflection of the imagination of their talent chefs and every item available is prepare by hand, maintaining the sustainability principles at the forefront. Bistro West also has an enormous wine collection on a wall along with a complete bar.

It is the essence Mexican food, fantastic mariachi entertainment Hot homemade tortillas and the best margaritas you can find in San Diego, Casa de Bandini is one of the San Diego favorite that made its way into North County in recent years. A stunning Colonial Mexico style patio that will take you back to your previous trip to Baja is the ideal spot for a delicious meal with your dog.

The most popular items for guests include fresh fish tacos serve fresh, crispy mango . And shrimp tacos and the most delicious carnitas-stuff burrito you’ve ever eaten. If you prefer greens over grains, they provide the healthiest menu of Mexican salads along with Mexican Vegetarian items. And 50 Mexican gluten-free options.

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In locate in the Village Faire, The Compass is a quaint gastropub that has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Open for lunch, dinner and drinks daily, your pooch is definitely welcome on their people-watching-friendly patio. The bar offers daily happy hour specials that include an extensive selection of Craft beers and wines and special drinks.

The pier is locate directly beneath it locate at Oceanside . The outdoor terrace locate at Tin Fish Oceanside blends into . The Strand where dogs are always welcome . The menu is fill with the famous Fish Tacos as well with fish n’ chips with your choice of Mahi Mahi and Salmon, Swordfish, Halibut, and Cod. They also have some delicious salads, for those seeking a light meal or something that’s going to satisfy your appetite . Go for one of their massive hamburgers!

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