How businesses can get Call Masking in India?

Call Masking in India

A business with a call masking solution can provide secure and reliable interactions between the customer and the business agent. Call masking solution uses advanced data protection measures that help in maintaining privacy while communicating. During the interaction between the business agent and the customer, both parties can be at ease as the interaction takes place without the display of the respective phone numbers. As an anonymous number is being displayed at both ends of the call, there is no risk of misusing the number.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Call Masking Solution?

The benefits of using call masking solutions are:

  1. With end-to-end encryption, the call data is secured. The data is also stored securely in a cloud server that can be easily accessed.
  2. It offers real-time insights into every call. It helps a business to gain in-depth analysis of every customer call as well as agent’s performance.
  3. Every inbound and outbound call is recorded by the solution.
  4. Recording every call makes monitoring easy for the business executives.
  5. The recordings make a rich database that can be used by a business for multiple purposes. It can be used for market expansion ideas, to generate tools for training purposes, etc.
  6. It helps to build rapport and trust among the customer which helps in better customer engagement.

How Does Call Masking Solution Work?

Call masking solutions work based on cloud telephony. To maintain anonymity the caller’s number is connected through a temporary proxy phone number. With a call masking solution, each customer is allocated a certain executive as their contact point until the service or communication is completed.

Here, the customer and the agent can communicate by using the mobile app/’call’ website option. The server will share the caller’s information with the business server and then it will provide the specific agent’s phone number. Followed by this, the call is directed to the phone of the concerned specific agent; without disclosing any personal details or information.

How To Get Call Masking in India?

There are several call masking providers in India. Some offer services nationally and some have international reach. The features offered are also different and so are the packages. The prices differ from one another based on the features offered.

Each call masking provider targets different industries and may benefit different sizes of businesses. When a business dwells on how to get call masking, the question that first needs attention is why they should use a call making solution.

As each business may have different reasons to use call masking solutions; it should check the features offered by the providers to meet the needs of their business. A business can get call masking by visiting the website of the call masking solution providers or by contacting them through the toll free number, which is usually shared on their official website.

Knowlarity is one of the leading cloud communication-based call masking solution providers. Small-size businesses, startups, and medium-size businesses as well large size businesses gain the best benefits by choosing Knowlarity. It helps a business in building branding very easily.

Knowlarity offers an easy answer to ‘how to get call masking in India?’ A business can directly visit the website and get in touch with the experts instantly by just clicking on the contact us option. A business can also call on the toll free number 1800-1020-340.

The company provides maximum features with easy integration and scalability of the solutions. A business can trust Knowlarity by just investing a minimal amount for the solution and never being disappointed by the service it receives.

We make sure a business grows swiftly without any barriers while providing the best possible communication and service to the customers. A business can also avail of the free demo trial period for any solution it wishes to get from Knowlarity.

Knowlarity is trusted by the major industries of India and by 65 countries worldwide. Eleven theme industries that include healthcare, banking, education, finance, travel and tourism, automobile, real estate, logistics, media, advertisement, etc. choose Knowlarity.

It makes deciding on getting a call masking solution easier and helps to get the full benefit of the solution by the business. As a business might need help, the experts help them to make the best-informed choices.

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