How can I obtain an industrial licence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

How can I obtain an industrial licence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

Dubai is a nation with some of the most unique charms and allure. It boasts a cutting-edge outlook and a solid foundation for exceptional economic growth. The Emirate of Dubai has consistently encouraged the expansion of foreign businesses and entrepreneurs in their nation. The best example of this are the free zones established to welcome such fast growth. When compared to the rest of the Arab countries, Dubai’s attitude and liberalised viewpoints have made it an outstanding location for both business and tourists. Due to the country’s rapid growth, which drew several foreign businesspeople to establish operations in Dubai, the need for an industrial licence has increased.

In Dubai, there are four primary categories of licences:

  1. Professional License
  2. Industrial License
  3. Trader License
  4. Commercial License

What in Dubai is an Industrial License?

An industrial licence is a type of authorisation issued by Dubai’s regulatory authorities to international business owners or entrepreneurs who have registered as entities in the UAE in order to conduct their industrial activities. To operate in Dubai, manufacturing, processing, and other ancillary businesses need an industrial licence. The industrial licence also enables people or businesses to transform raw materials and natural resources into finished goods that can be sold domestically or abroad. Read about open a business in dubai

How can I get a business licence in Dubai?

One can start a business by importing raw materials, then manufacture, assemble, package, and sell the finished goods with a Dubai industrial licence. Some of the sectors in which you can launch a business in Dubai are as follows:

  • Textile production
  • Food Production 
  • Fabric Manufacturing 
  • Machinery Manufacturing 
  • Metal Extraction and Casting

The Dubai Department of Economic Development is responsible for issuing the industrial licence. This is in the event that the person wishes to launch a business in mainland Dubai. Licenses must be obtained from the appropriate zonal government if the business owner wishes to establish their enterprise in the free zone. Additionally, the company needs to be registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and business owners need to obtain Dubai Municipality clearance. Check out to learn about Freezone company formation and mainland company setup

The Benefits of a Commercial License

The benefits of establishing a business in Dubai include:

  • Corporate taxes that are appealing and a 0% tax rate
  • world-class equipment and infrastructure
  • Import and export duties are waived
  • Legal protection with judicial involvement
  • You can entice more clients and financiers.
  • Recent advances indicate that the business can be structured with 100% ownership. The proprietors will benefit from improved discrepancy over the operations of their business.

What is Needed to Get an Industrial License in Dubai?

  • For the purposes of conducting business in the industrial sector, a UAE visa is required. The application may be submitted with the one for a business licence.
  • The potential business owner or person can choose to operate in Dubai either physically or virtually, albeit doing so has its challenges and restrictions due to a few connected compliances.
  • A local industry licence ought to be held by the company registered in the UAE.
  • The business ought to have a real warehouse in Dubai.

Obtaining an Industrial License: 

The Procedure for getting an industrial licence involves the following steps:

  • Finding the place where you wish to open your business is the first step. The entrepreneur has the option of choosing either Dubai’s mainland or one of the free zones offered by the regulatory body.
  • Second, the business owner must decide how the company will be owned when it is built. If the firm falls outside of the UAE’s strategically significant industry, the owner may choose to operate solely.
  • You will then receive the initial nod for an industrial licence.
  • The final stage, paying for the licence, can be completed by the entrepreneur once you have received the necessary external permissions.


One of the most inviting nations for the growth of entrepreneurship is Dubai, which has an international appearance and beliefs. The entrepreneur opens up a window of opportunity by obtaining an industrial licence in Dubai. They are leaders in sophisticated manufacturing and industrial research and provide up more opportunities for businesses and investors. Investors are drawn to Dubai’s business-friendly environment, which also makes room for sectors to grow sustainably.


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