How can Installation Android Spy App Remotely

Android spy app remote installation

Over the last few years, the number of cell phone users increase day by day. According to Google, there are 1.4 active users of android devices around the world. It means there is always someone’s near to you who used smartphones. A lot of people used the mobile that maybe your employee or child.  As the same with mobile users, there are a lot of curious people among cell phone users. The all curious about who find out the usage of cell phone devices. It is most important to know the online activities of mobile devices. Therefore, curious people find out the secret way to know the mobile activities.

What is an Android spy app remote installation?

An android spy app remote installation is an application that can monitor digital devices without having access to the phone. With the use of spy software, users can get to know every activity on the phone. Android spy app allows monitoring of kids and employees. It empowers the user to monitor the android phones secretly to protect kids’ online safety and business productivity. Remote installation is not possible yet. You have to have one-time access on the target phone to install spy app software.

Is it possible to do the remote installation of an android phone?

The most raising question is while choosing the monitoring application. People think that they can install the spy app without touching the device. They want to monitor the devices without getting physical access. If you are going to use the android spy app remote installation you need to follow the steps of installation. There is a need of monitoring the digital devices without taking them into hand. There is a proper system to monitor the digital devices. But, you couldn’t spy on android phones without physical access. You need to install the app into the targeted devices.

TheOneSpy android phones

TheOneSpy monitoring application is hidden monitoring software. It can help to monitor the digital devices secretly. This software remotely controls the android devices and spies their activities. Users can take benefits of their features while using them. TOS offers 250+ features. But when we talk about android phones it provides the feature like;

Screen recording

You can remotely get access to the targeted Android devices. It enables the parents to know the current activities of the targeted device. It helps the user to make videos of any activity.

Take the Screenshot

The application enables you to see the live movements of the kid’s android phones. It empowers the user to take screenshots of any exploit activity.

Password tracker

With the help of the android spy app remote installation, the user enables to find out the password of the targeted device without get physical access. It allows spying the pattern, password, numbers, and all numeric also can monitor.

Text monitoring

With android spy app remote installation, parents enable to monitor the all send or receive messages of the targeted android mobile. It makes sure the users to spy all messages of the targeted phone.

How to install the TheOneSpy app into android phones

It is important to find out the app installation procedure for android devices. To spy the android cell phones need the installation process. How you can monitor the digital devices remotely.

Installation steps of android phones

Step # 1

You need to visit the official page of the TheOneSpy application. For, choosing the android spy app remote installation.

Step # 2

In the next step, you need to subscribe to the android spy app for final monitoring.

Step # 3

Now, you will receive an email of ID & password to spy on the targeted device.

Step # 4

In this step, you should get physical access to the targeted device. It is one of the most important steps, without installation of the targeted device you couldn’t spy on the specific app.

Step # 5

In the final step, you will get access to the web portal of app. which allows the further monitoring of the targeted device. You can download the recorder files of the targeted device.


It is clear you with this write-up, you are not able to install the targeted app without getting physical access. You should always keep in your mind that you need to spy on android phones into the targeted devices. So, don’t believe, if any software claims that they can monitor the smart gadgets without access or install the app.

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