How is it so easy to get a mobile phone repaired at Cashify?

mobile phone repair

While smartphones have become invaluable in our daily lives, there is a chance that you could end up damaging them. We understand how distressing it can be to break a costly smartphone. Your phone can sometimes be repaired by simply following some handy tips and tricks. However, if your phone has suffered extensive damage, you may need the assistance of an expert and a trusted and reliable Service Center.

Here’s when Cashify jumps in for users. No matter what part of the broken smartphone – display, mic, speaker, battery, receiver, charging port – Cashify’s new service Cashify Repair is here to fix it at your home. You might be wondering how exactly does Cashify make it so?

With the world heading forward into fast-paced deliveries and more, mobile repairs in the comfort of your have also become a norm. Especially with Cashify trying to bring its users the best of the service within just a few taps of their fingers. What makes getting your mobile phone repair so easy on Cashify? Here’s a full breakdown of what makes it an amazing service:

Lesser Risk

When you want to repair your old phone, especially if it’s out of warranty, you want a secure environment wherein your data is not misused. With repairs, sometimes you have to give your phone to the local repair shop for days. This leads to constant worry for phone owners about data security and more. However, Cashify offers a simple door service to its customers after just a few pieces of information in a secure and risk-free environment. All you have to do is just input your device’s brand, model, and colour and book a slot as per your convenience. 

No Advance Payment

Many local and official repair shops ask for an advance payment to work on the repair of your old phone. But Cashify does not. Cashify only quotes a price while you fill up the details on our website or app. Most importantly, you only have to book the slot, and the technician will arrive at your doorstep. Once the technician has successfully completed the service, the customer has to pay for the repair. 

Quick & Convenient

Cashify has promises to give it’s users a hassle-free experience. All you need to install the Cashify App on your phone and answer a small questionnaire on your phone’s issue. And voila! You have a quote on the repair of your phone. Now, all you have to do is book a slot at the comfort of your home. 


Cashify Repair exclusively uses genuine parts only in all repairs. Cashify promises that the users do not have to worry about any counterfeit parts appearing in your device. What’s more, the platform also gives a warranty on the repaired parts and a seven day money back guarantee for certain parts. They especially offer 6 months of free replacement warranty for screen & 3 months warranty for other spare part repaired by Cashify repair.

In addition to all of this, Cashify Mobile Repair offers you discounted rates for your smartphone repair based on specific brands or across all of them.

What more does Cashify offer apart from Cashify Repair?

Cashify also has a referral system for you. If you know someone in contact wanting to sell their device – simply share your referral code with them. However, one should note that he/she will have to use your referral code to start a transaction of sale. In return, you will earn points that you can redeem as money.

But here’s where it does not stop, Cashify beyond repair also offers a number of other services to its users. Users can sell their old smartphones, laptops and more on Cashify within minutes within a few taps in the comfort of their home. It also offers a platform where users can compare and get information before buying a new smartphone. Moreover, the platform also tries to keep its user’s updated with latest technology news in the market.

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