How to Have Free Chat on Animal Jam

Animal Jam is an online world that allows you to play games, chat with other players and learn about animals at the same time. There are several ways in which people can communicate within this game including through restricted or free speech bubbles (also known as “safe-chat”).

The use of language and behavior in chats may differ between free, restricted or paid-for animal jam cheat codes accounts. Free chat offers more freedom with what can be said but all interactions are monitored by game mods who block inappropriate words from being used throughout the session – this includes both messages sent out into cyberspace as well any swearwords heard within your own vessel (or headset) while using these platforms.

Creating an Animal Jam Account

Follow steps showing below to how to get free chat on aj:


Sign up for an Animal Jam account and you’ll be able to take advantage of all chat options! You can create your profile by going on the website:

  1. Click Play Now.
  2. Click Create an Animal.


Customize your account to make yourself more comfortable. Choose the type of animal you want, then pick an awesome name for it! Create a username and password that is not real-life information (don’t use actual words from anywhere) so no one will know what goes on here but YOU

The input was: “Customize Account Type.” The output changed this into ‘Choose What Kind of Animal You Want’ with different options being available such as Bear (sclerosis), Tiger Cub/ kitten. Once chosen select appropriate info below; Next enter in everything exactly how it shows above unless there’s already another user online who has taken their own sweet time choosing.


GemsByte needs your parent’s email address in order to complete sign-up processes. This is so they can contact them if necessary and give permission for you play games on the website, as well as letting Animal Jam know when something happens like getting suspended from playing or banned from doing so again.

Getting Parental Permission


When you sign up for an animal Jam account, we need to verify that the parent email address is valid and available. This parental access will allow us control over billing information as well providing notifications about updates or new features within Animal Jam

You’ll activate your newly created child’s profile by providing them with their personal activation code located inside of either:

  1. Select Activate Your Account from the parent dashboard.
  2. When creating the account, enter the parent’s email address.


To make sure your child has the best experience possible while playing Animal Jam, we recommend that you review their consent email with them before they play. By providing parental approval in advance and clicking “Activate,” it will give permission for all interactions on our site – including chats or moderation requests from other users.


Create a password to protect your parent dashboard account. When you click the Activate link in this email, it will take us right back where we were before and allow access for future usage only with an extra special word or phrase.


The changes you make to your Animal Jam account can be seen in the parent dashboard. You will need log into this with an email address and password that was created when signing up for a new game, or by entering basic information from before if it’s been a while since creating one then head over there now!

When logged onto our website/application we find ourselves at home sweet Home – but what about chat? There are two options: Restricted (for adults) & Safe Chat; which does not allow content such as ads OR adult.

  1. The parent dashboard also allows you to sign up for a paid membership. You can subscribe for $6.95 for one month, $29.95 for six months, or $57.95 for one year.
  2. Everyone can now chat safely.

Choosing a Chat Setting


restricted chat is a great way to connect with your friends on animal jam! it only has the most common words in there so you can still communicate but not have any of those pesky spelling errors or misused phrases show up.

  1. To chat with restricted users, simply log in to your Animal Jam account and type a message in the bottom bar. Clicking enter will post it for all those who can see what you wrote.
  2. In restricted chat, you cannot type words that aren’t in the Animal Jam dictionary.


One of the free chat options in Animal Jam is bubble messaging, which allows you to communicate using a set phrase. If your parent or guardian has selected this type for talking with friends then they will be able but only use certain words and phrases that are pre-selected by them; however, if not there’s no limit on what can come out.

  • Click the bubble with three vertical lines that’s to left of chat bar at bottom.
  • Click on the category you want to use, and then select one of those options or hovers over a word for more specific phrases. Your animal will say it.
  • To let your friends know you’re using bubble chat, simply hover over the “I can help” category in any language-specific section of our app and select “Bubble Chat – I am now!!! 🙂
  • Click the question mark icon on top of your chat bar to add new words. Enter each word in its own space, and click “Submit”.


The most exciting part about using this Animal Jam chat option is that you can freely type words and phrases to your friends, other users or even people who are just online! You also have a lot more freedom when it comes down how much slang language there will be in the dictionary since all languages use some sort of jargon.

  1. Safe Chat allows you to type in the chat bar just like with restricted, but now your words won’t show up red if they haven’t been approved.
  2. You can use safe chat on Animal Jam if you have a paid membership and it’s enabled by your parent or guardian. The three options for paying are: 1 month ($6), 6 months ($4) & 365 days (just over 3%).
  3. To use the “safe Chat” feature in ANIMAL JAM, players need an active account with at least one of these packages purchased; there is also consent from Parents needed before turning 13 Years Old*.
  4. The chat filters and moderators will always be there to keep you safe! You can never use violent or offensive language on our chats.

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