How to Improve Your Website’s SEO Results on Google?


Search engine result pages (SERPs) are always on target for websites. Each website wants to rank itself on the top of the first page of any search results. But how can one really improve a website’s SEO health? There are plenty of ways to do this. But we are here with some of the very basic but effective tricks to optimize your website in a way to get the best SEO results. Rather than saying these are the basic things, we must say these things are the basis of the SEO health of any site. From content to backlink, everything is important. No matter how advanced tricks you are using for the improvement of SEO, these basic things are always a must to consider and most of the SEO Companies in India used it.


No, we are not going to tell you that content is king. Rather we would say content is king if you have the best optimization tricks. Content is published everywhere. Almost every website and social media platform has content. But is every platform getting on the first page of the SERPs? No. That is why we are here with some content optimization tricks.

Publish Engaging Content

Engaging content doesn’t mean that you have to publish something stuffed with keywords. You need to publish engaging content. Try to satisfy the search intent for your readers or site visitors.

Update Your Content

Not updating your content is like staying behind your competitors. Check out competitor sites and you will find that your content is outdated. Always keep it updated with recent facts and information.

Use Authoritative Facts & Statements

Facts and statements that you derive from authorized resources and put them into your site are very important. They are going to help you build a strong and trustworthy connection with your audience.


Metadata optimization is not visible to the readers, but it is really important. It is clearly visible for the search engine crawlers. There are different types of metadata used on a webpage. Following are some metadata tweaks that can take your site high in the rankings.

Work On Titles

Even the eye-catching titles can’t give you that effective results without optimization. Try to use attractive words along with keywords in your titles. Also, try to make them easy and compelling.

Optimize Every Single Word

Your site is full of content and content is made from words, right? Then you need to optimize every single word. Try to optimize every page and every piece of content on your page.

Optimize Meta Description

A meta description is the major part of metadata. Must pay attention to it and make it clear, concise, and optimized.

Visual Content

The next most important thing is the visual content. Is your site visually looking ok? That’s great. But is it optimized? Well, without optimization visual content is not going to take your site to the top of the search engine result pages. There are different types of visual content formats used by the websites. You can optimize any of them without any hassle. Following are some basic tweaks you need to make for visual content optimization.

Use Alt Tags For Images

Our web pages are always full of images. Are you using proper alt tags for the images? Your alt tags are not visible for the site visitors. But it let the crawlers know what an image is about.

Optimized File Names

File name optimization is all about renaming the file names that you upload on your website. No matter if a file is being uploaded at the backend or the front-end. You must have to take care of things like optimizing the name and keeping its content relation also. You have to use some keywords while renaming your files, and also you need to keep it related to content that it has.


Backlinks are not only for redirecting the traffic from one site to another. They are used by search engines and their crawlers to identify whether a site is authentic or not. Generating backlinks is easy with many tools and tricks. But you have to take care of the following things while generating backlinks.

Get Genuine Backlinks

Never try any spamming technique to get backlinks for you. Always try to get original backlinks from authorized websites. Websites with poor content and poor reputation are not good to use while getting backlinks.

Use Give & Take System

The give and take system is the best trick to get backlinks generated from authorized websites. You can simply write posts for other websites and through these guest posts, you can get backlinks. Also, you can give backlinks to others through your site.

Final Thought

All these tricks are basic ones but they can show you a huge improvement in your SEO results. All of them are important, and you can’t skip any of them. When all these methods are used altogether you will see there will be a huge impact on the SEO health of your site. You will see that visibility is increasing for your website. So without worrying about anything just start using all these tricks to improve the SEO health of your site.

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