How To Measure YouTube Views: The Ultimate Guide To Boosting Your Relevancy

YouTube is the ultimate video platform, where anyone can post and share videos. Video sites like this are known as video search engines, so how do you get your business or brand found? The answer is simple: You need to become more relevant. If you want to increase your relevancy on YouTube, keep reading for tips on how to do so. YouTube views are one way to measure relevancy, but there are other factors beyond just views that go into measuring relevancies. If you want to have more views, you may consider GoViral service for free YouTube views. It’s important to note that not all video sites have the same algorithms for determining relevancy. So if you’re looking for a foolproof method of boosting your relevance, read on for insights on other ways to increase your relevancy besides just increasing your views.

What Is Relevance on YouTube?

YouTube serves billions of users’ video recommendations, and these recommendations are based on a video’s relevancy. When a user searches for a certain topic, they can expect to find videos on that topic. Whether you’re looking for videos on how-to videos, travel videos, or tutorials on product reviews, YouTube’s algorithm will show relevant videos. Relevancy on YouTube is determined by several factors, including: – How many times your videos have been viewed – How many people have watched your videos – How many comments your videos have received – The age of your videos

Why Is Relevancy So Important?

Videos are free to be created, distributed, and viewed. Although the video platform is free, it’s not free to be found. If you want your video to be seen by more people, then you have to boost your relevancy. Relevancy is an important factor because it tells the search engines what type of content you have. People are going to be searching for different things than you during the initial stages of your video’s lifecycle. If a person is searching for a video on how to do something, then they’ll be looking for different information than a person who is looking for a video on a specific topic. If a video is not relevant to either type of person searching, then it won’t be seen and you’ll be left out of the spotlight.

How to Increase Relevancy on YouTube

Boosting your relevancy means more than just getting more views, although views are important too. Relevancy is a combination of factors that work together to help videos gain more exposure. There are three main ways to increase relevancy on YouTube. – Find out which factors determine relevancy: The first way you can boost your relevancy is to understand what factors go into deciding relevancy. The more you know about how YouTube determines relevancy, the better off you’ll be when it comes to boosting your relevancy. – Create more engaging content: The second way to increase relevancy is by creating engaging, high-quality videos. People are more likely to watch and engage with videos that are of high quality than those that aren’t. To create engaging content you have to pay attention to the details. – Stay consistent: You might have a good start on the road to boosting your relevancy. However, you can’t just hope for views to increase your relevancy. The best way to boost your relevancy is to make it the focus of your video strategy. Consistent, strategic efforts to boost your relevancy will make you more relevant than a video that is only boosted by views.

Boost Views With Specific Videos

Videos are the key to everything on YouTube, but boosting your views with specific videos is where it’s at. The best way to boost your views is by creating specific videos related to your business or brand. For example, if you’re in the consulting business and specialize in web design, create videos about specific aspects of web design such as website navigation designs and typography. If you specialize in video marketing, create videos involving how-to guides or product reviews related to your products. Create videos that are relevant to what you do, and you’ll see your views skyrocket.

Create an Awesome Title and Description

When you create your video, you’ll want to write a great title and description. A great title will attract attention, and a great description will attract even more attention because it will be the first thing people see. A good title should be about what the video is about, and it should be short and sweet. You can also add keywords in your video’s description. A good description should be as long as the video is long, and it should be less about the video and more about why your video is relevant and why it should be watched. These two factors (title and description) will be largely responsible for your video’s views. Keep in mind that YouTube will put the most importance on your video’s description.

Make Your Video More Watchable

Your video might be perfect, but is it watchable? You’ll want to make sure your video is watchable. You can do this by taking the time to create a well-edited video that doesn’t have any bad sound or visual effects. Bad editing or audio can ruin your video’s views, and it can also ruin your brand as it can look amateurish. You can make your video more watchable by adding subtitles, adding voice-overs, and making your video stand out from the crowd. You can also add music, but keep in mind that the music needs to be subtle enough to not distract viewers from your video.

Use Influencers and Bloggers

If you want your video to be seen, then you’ll want to use influencers and bloggers. These are people who have a large following, and they can help boost your views. You can approach influencers and bloggers to create sponsored videos, or you can create videos using your content. Whichever route you take, you’ll want to approach the right people. Whose videos you approach will depend on what you’re selling. For example, if you sell consulting services, then you’ll want to approach blogs and influencers that cover design, software, and marketing topics.

Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Rules

If you want to increase your relevancy on YouTube, then don’t be afraid to break some of YouTube’s rules. It might seem like a risky route, but it’s not. It can be one of the best ways to boost your views. If you want to break YouTube’s rules to boost your relevancy, then go ahead and do so. Remember, not all rules apply to all YouTube channels. For example, some YouTube channels are allowed to post multiple times per week, while others are not.


Whether you want to increase your brand recognition or simply boost your views on YouTube, there are plenty of ways to do so. By breaking YouTube’s rules and creating your own rules, you can increase your relevancy on YouTube and boost your views. Follow these tips, and you’ll be boosting your views in no time.

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