How To Redefine 4c Natural Hair Style

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If you have 4C hair, you might find it hard to relate to women who have a different hair type or to see yourself in the hairstyles you’re shown in magazines and on TV. Some bloggers with 4C hair styles are making videos and writing about their experiences so that girls with your hair type can feel more included in society. We’ve found some of these amazing 4C hair bloggers and put them together in one article. Check out these amazing YouTubers and Instagrammers redefining natural hair!

Some misconceptions about 4c hair

curly hair extensions - indique hair
curly hair extensions – indique hair

One of the biggest misconceptions about 4c natural hair styles is that it isn’t soft or manageable. I have even had strangers touch my hair and be completely mesmerized by the texture. I am disappointed with them for charging me more or turning down appointments in the past because of my hair texture, stating it was too much work. If only others knew the beauty of 4c hair style! Since it doesn’t require much styling, I’ve always wondered if this was really about 4c hair or if these people just didn’t want to work with black women.

Some growth tips for hair type

Hair grows. We just have to take care of it. That means different things for different people. It depends on the climate, your lifestyle, your eating habits, your water intake, genetics, and much more. Results will come. Keep it moisturized and trimmed, and try to do as many low-maintenance styles as possible. Keep it moisturized and keep it trimmed!

Tips for moisture?

It took me a while to get my hair regimen right, and I still experiment with different products sometimes. Different hair-care methods work for different people. In the winter, my hair tends to get dry so I use a leave-in conditioner before applying oil or butter. In the summer, my hair tends to be on the oily side, so I’ll skip the oil and just apply butter.

Our favorite method is the LOC method, where I apply a leave-in, oil, and cream butter. This combination has worked well for me over the years to figure out the best balance for your hair type and environment. If you have thick hair, it might be helpful to try different methods until you find one that works for you.

Importance of type 4 hair

Although Type 4 hair style is said to be “frowned upon” in the natural hair community, I think it’s time to start highlighting its versatility. We wish to see more people with curly texture hair in the media. I think that type 4 hair is a beautiful natural texture. It comes in so many forms and has so many styles, and I want to see a movement around 4c hair because this texture is so versatile, and people should see that.


Unfortunately, many people view 4c hair as untamed and unpolished, which makes it seem unacceptable. People view curly hair as messy or wild, but that’s only because they don’t understand it. Everyone needs to know that black women have many different hairstyles and looks. If they saw more people with curly hair on tv or in movies, they would see that it can be very beautiful. So we will keep rocking our natural curls with pride and hope that society comes around to accepting them too!n

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