How To Extract Text From Images Online?

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Want to turn scanned PDF document photos into editable text? A paper document that you want to turn into an electronic file Although typing is a technique, it is not what you desire. In actuality, text extraction from photos is the fastest and most practical method. But how exactly do you do that? This section provides you with 4 free methods to convert image to text online with the help of an image scanner online on a PC or a mobile device.

Business Card Scanner:

To convert photos to text, an image scanner online is a fantastic option. No plug-ins, programs, or applications need to be installed. It is practical and simple to use. Here, we strongly suggest Business Card Scanner. You may use this text extractor to extract text from images in JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, and other formats. It has a very easy-to-use UI. With many clicks, the words on the image may be removed.

  • Step 1: Upload a file or a picture as the first step
  • Step 2: The software begins automatically extracting text. Wait a short while
  • Step 3: After the text has been extracted, you can copy it to a document that is open, your clipboard, or an email

Free Online OCR Software:

In addition to online text extractors, free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools are useful for converting images to text. 46 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, are recognized using online OCR. It takes text that has been caught by a digital camera and turns it into editable Word, Excel, and Text output formats (JPG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF).

How to use online OCR to extract text from the image:

  • Step 1: On a Mac, take a snapshot or upload an image or document that already exists. When the file is successfully uploaded, the file information will show up below.
  • Step 2: Select the output format and language. You have a choice between Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Text Plain as output formats.
  • Step 3: With only one click, begin converting. Within seconds, the text will be extracted. You can copy the material to the clipboard after it appears in the box. The output file is also available for download.

Desktop App:

Online tools are practical and simple to use, but they are heavily reliant on the speed of the Internet and lack sophisticated capabilities for improved image-to-text translation. We advise using a desktop application like Snagit, a snipping tool for Mac and Windows, in order to achieve greater stability and more potent features. Snagit makes it simple to easily capture text from your screen or extract text from a picture.

  • Step 1: Launch Snagit and open your image
  • Step 2: Grab Text by right- or control-clicking on the picture. Alternatively, you may select Grab Text from the Edit menu. The text in the image is first extracted by the program
  • Step 3: When the procedure is complete, a popup titled Grab Text Result will appear. The text may be copied and pasted into a document, a presentation, or anywhere else

Live Text:

Apple customers will be able to extract text from images using the built-in Live Text feature. To identify text in a picture, Live Text makes use of on-device intelligence. Craig Federighi announced Live Text on the Apple WWDC 2021 stage. It is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. You may utilize this function on your Mac as well as using Live Text Mac. 

Live text is functional with Camera live previews, Photos, screenshots, Quick Look, and Safari. Users have the ability to contact the phone number they have captured from a shop. The Wi-Fi password posted at a nearby coffee shop is one example of the type of text that the Camera app can instantly identify and capture.

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