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NFT, as they are more popularly refer to, are the upcoming phenomenon in the cryptocurrency world. 2021 is seen as the year of NFTs, much like 2017 was the year of ICOs, and 2020 was the year of decentralize applications.

You must be familiar with the idea of fungibility to grasp what these NFTs are.

Describe fungibility.

Fungibility is the potential for exchanging one item for another that is identical but has a different value. The dollar is the best illustration of a fungible asset. A $10 bill can be exchanged for any other $10 statement without changing weight. There is no difference in value even though the two notes could not be identical.


Bitcoin and other widely used cryptocurrencies are fungible since they can be exchanged, divided into smaller components, and sold in pieces.

On the other hand, non-fungible tokens are singular and cannot be divided into smaller components. They must either be entirely sold or not sold at all!

The potential for NFTs

With their distinctiveness and the adaptability of blockchain technology that supports them, non-fungible tokens present a wide range of uses. Musicians, artists, and celebrities like Lindsay Lohan have all used it. However, one of the NF T’s most well-known uses is in the field of video games.

A Synopsis of Blockchain and Video Game History

Even before the Super Mario Brothers became a worldwide sensation, video games had been around for a very long time. However, the gaming industry revolutionized in 2017 with the release of the video game CryptoKitties. Players could buy, collect, and sell virtual kitties in this game. In the game, each cat that generated was distinctive. Ownership was felt, and the produced kitty’s originality raised the digital asset’s value. This is possibly one of the earliest and most well-known uses of NFTs. It should be note that the game’s non-fungible tokens created under the ERC-721 standard.

Unexpectedly, the game’s inventor made more than $40 million off CryptoKitties. This spurred the same game developer to work with the NBA to produce a new game called NBA Top Shot. It was an online game where basketball enthusiasts could purchase and trade special video clips from previous season’s games dubbed “Moments.” In essence, they serve as blockchain NFTs representing the ownership of a specific video clip. The individual who bring the NFT has the ownership rights to the particular video clip, even though it could have been disseminated on various platforms. Over $370 million was reportedly spent on this game’s transactions overall, according to estimates.

The Uses of NFTs in Video Games

In blockchain gaming, NFTs might appear in many different forms.

Some NFTs, known as branded NFTs, serve as digital substitutes for conventional collectibles. Collectibles might make use of well-known brands, such as sports franchises. This includes baseball trading cards as well. Over time, interest in these NFTs, particularly in the NFT markets, is drive by public demand.


Some NFTs, known as the “game-relevant NFTs,” whose value is solely determine by demand. When many games use the NFT, the market increases. This group includes skins and in-game objects. It should be highlight that the value of the NFT is solely determine by demand and cannot be directly influence by the players or the owners.

There is virtual memorabilia in the gaming industry as well. NFTs represent such collectibles. NFTs are make to stand higher by their capacity to serve as evidence of authenticity. As a result, there is essentially no chance of counterfeit goods existing. A detailed understanding of the in-game economics and end-game design is necessary to develop a value for these NFTs.

A narrative drives a few NFTs. Although they are pretty similar to NFTs relevant to the game, players and owners can actively alter the value of these tokens. In World of Warcraft, you can sell heroes as NFTs, which is a good illustration of this NFT. You will reach the level cap more quickly, thanks to this, than most players.

Why Are NFTs the Ideal Platform for Gaming?

The blockchain supports NFTs, which have many advantages for the gaming industry. In contrast to conventional games where the game producer offers access to a virtual item in the gaming world, NFTs transactions occur between players, making the NFTs universe genuinely decentralized.

Several games can communicate thanks to blockchain technology if they are all created on the identical blockchain. Compared to the conventional gaming environment, where a single asset purchased for a particular game is only helpful, this offers a significant advantage.

An NFT’s value increases in direct proportion to the level of scarcity. Since a single distributed public ledger combines immutability, transparency, and security, it is simple to demonstrate its absence in the blockchain world.

Above all, remember that if a game’s developer decide to discontinue it, your virtual investments could be lost without any compensation if you purchase in the gaming industry. But in the realm of blockchain, due to interoperability, ownership, and immutability, you may use that item in a different game on the identical blockchain or even sell that asset to another user, enabling you to cash out on something you paid for.


There is no doubt about the usefulness of NFTs in the gaming industry. It is essential to keep in mind that every crypto fad has surged but not peaked. Similarly, NFTs will remain significant for a considerable amount of time, and this is the ideal time to engage in NFT development.

You only need to contact an NFT gaming platform development Company familiar with the blockchain and gaming industries if you are one of the crypto entrepreneurs who want to enter this market. They will take the time to fully comprehend your business objectives before providing you with the ideal NFT solutions for your gaming requirements.

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