Learn About Rahu Kaal: Its Bad Effects And Timing

rahu kaal timing

Rahu Kaal is considered a dangerous time. People are generally afraid of it. This is not an auspicious hour, according to the Hindu Vedic Astrology. Rahu also covers approximately 90 minutes between sunrise and sunset every day on a daily basis.

Rahu Kaal is an astrological signification. It can have negative effects. Let’s learn everything we can about Rahu Kaal, and how it affects our lives. Before we get into this, let’s first understand Rahu Kaal from an astrological perspective.

Learn about Planet Rahu

Rahu is the planet’s most manipulative and tricky. This planet governs our deepest and most unseen emotions or activities. Also, It regulates our ego, aggression, and mental state.

It can also be more dangerous and harsh if it is used in conjunction with Mars. It controls all suspicious, secretive, and mysterious features and skills that a person may display. Rahu is responsible for Gambling, money from dubious sources, diplomacies, and underground activities.

Astrology says that no planet is completely harsh or evil. Each planet has its merits and weaknesses. Rahu, however, is not always scary. It can also have assertive consequences!

Rahu, if placed correctly, can bring wealth, fame, and expansion to your life. It can also give you spiritual insight and mystical wisdom. This person can be a great influence on others’ lives and may even explore new areas.

What is Rahu Kaal?

Rahu Kaal is a time that is inauspicious and not the best time to start any promising activities. According to Hindu Astrology, Rahu Kaal is a period of approximately 90 minutes that runs between sunrise and sunset each day.

Rahu is the head of Swarbhaan, a demon who is responsible for swallowing Sun planets and causing eclipsis. In iconography, Rahu is depicted with the head of a man and the body of a serpent. It sits on a chariot that is pulled by eight black horses.

Rahu Kaal should not be considered a time for new projects or activities. The Vedas provide many ways to learn more about Rahu Kaal. It depends on the Sunrise time.

How To Calculate Rahu Kaal Timing?

Astrologers meticulously calculate Daily Rahu Kaal and its exact timing. But Rahu Kaal depends on Sunrise timings. Because Sunrise timings can vary, Rahu Kalams are available for each day of the week. You can also check Rahu Kaal Today to know auspicious timing before going outside and for more activities throughout the day.

The best way to determine Rahu Kaal on a particular day is to watch the sunrise in the appropriate time zone. Further details are provided below on how to locate Rahu’s time.

  • You can determine the sunrise time at any given location by checking Panchangam. This is how you will know the Rahu Kaal timings for today.

  • Divide the entire day into eight equal parts.

  • Rahu does not appear in the first part of the day. The first section is not important.

  • Next, set the time sections for each week.

Assuming Sunrise at 6 a.m.

  1. Monday: 07:30 – 09.00 am
  2. Saturday, 09:00 – 10:30 a.m.
  3. Friday, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
  4. Wednesday: 12:00 – 01:30 pm
  5. Thursday, 01:30 – 3:00 pm
  6. Tuesday, 03:00 – 04.30 pm
  7. Sunday, 04:30 – 06:00 pm

  • These timings are used by South Indians, particularly Tamil Nadu people, to avoid the negative effects of Rahu Kaal.

  • These timings assume Sunrise Time at 6 AM.

  • The quickest way to remember Rahukaal timings is to use the phrase “Mother Saw Father Wearing The Turban”

  • Weekdays are indicated by the first letter of each word in the phrase. It’s a simple and fun way to remember Rahu Kala for every day.

Rahu Kaal Effects

  • It is not a time of great fortune: Rahu Kaal timings for Mahurats are not suitable for any promising activities.

  • According to the belief, if you start a new task during Rahu Kaal you might not achieve great results.

  • Rahu Kal is only considered when someone starts something new. Rahu Kal doesn’t affect existing projects or ongoing work.

The effect of Rahu’s life

We have the Rahu Kaal effects every day, but we also have the effect of Rahu if it’s placed in certain houses. It is known to be a devilish planet.

However, this planet with a dragon-headed head can also provide positive results.

  • If you neglect the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses in other houses, Rahu will bless you with fame and prosperity.
  • How is Rahu placed in Janam Kundali find the exact information about the various planets and their positions in your Janam Kundali.
  • Rahu is a planet that loves to work alone. If it is the native’s ascendant, it can bring about terrible luck and abrupt changes. Native feels great struggles and problems when Rahu casts its spell under Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha.
  • Rahu can make you a respected politician, a successful businessman or a social activist if it is good. It can bring you success, wealth, and social fame.

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