McAfee changed the auto-renewing user’s plan

McAfee provides various premium and free security services to users. Many of these plans provide auto-renewal service. If you want a regular service of a program then you can enable the auto-renewal and use the service without expiry concerns. But not all the McAfee plans offer auto-renewal. If the user has purchased the McAfee plan on special offers like Christmas sales etc then you won’t get the auto-renewal service. Many of the auto-renewal plans of McAfee antivirus have been changed. Users have to check the auto-renewal plan on their devices. If the auto-renewal is enabled then it will renew automatically and the license will not expire.

Enabling auto-renewal on McAfee antivirus

When you feel renewing the McAfee manually is bothersome then enable the auto-renewal feature. It will prevent the license expiry of your McAfee. But your McAfee plan must be eligible for the auto-renewal feature. 

  1. Open the McAfee website and click on My Profile
  2. Go to the subscription page
  3. Check the auto-renewal
  4. If it shows not applicable then you can’t use auto-renewal 
  5. If the auto-renewal shows disabled status then toggle the switch
  6. You may get a McAfee confirmation window

Hit the Yes button and the auto-renewal service gets enabled. When the plan is about to expire, auto-renewal will automatically renew it and payment will occur from your bank account.

Disable auto-renewal feature on McAfee antivirus

When you are not sure about your McAfee plan whether you want to extend the service or not; disable auto-renewal. It will ensure that your license will not renew automatically. 

  1. Ope McAfee site and tap on My Profile
  2. Login to McAfee account
  3. Click on the McAfee subscription page
  4. Go to Auto-renewal and disable it
  5. McAfee confirmation page will be displayed
  6. Tap on the Yes button

Now check the subscription page for the license expiry date. You must cancel these features days or months before the expiry. Users don’t have to worry about the days remaining on the subscription. You can use the McAfee plan until the actual expiry date. After your McAfee plan expires, if you don’t need it; remove the setup from the computer. In case you want to use McAfee then go for the manual McAfee renewal process.

You can get a refund on auto-renewal

Users often forget to disable the auto-renewal feature. If your McAfee antivirus is renewed but you are not using it then cancel the new license. But you should cancel it within a few days. Most of the McAfee plans have a 15 days refund policy. If the user doesn’t like the service or plan gets auto-renewed then can go for a refund.

  1. Go to your McAfee profile and click on Subscription
  2. Check for our McAfee auto-renewed plan
  3. Hit on Cancel button
  4. You will get a refund wizard
  5. Tap on the Get refund option

Hit on the Confirm button and your McAfee plan will get cancelled. Now, the plan will expire and you will get the refund page. Check for the details and contact McAfee customer service refund. The user will receive the refund for McAfee antivirus in a few days.

McAfee subscription from Android device

For Android devices, you can install the setup from Play Store. When the user has a multi-licensed program, he can share the subscription on Android devices. But you have to install the setup from the Play Store. Search for McAfee on your Play Store and install the setup. Open the setup and click on the Premium option. Generate a key for McAfee setup and use it for activating premium service. When you are using the shared license then you can cancel it from the primary account. If you don’t have a multi-licensed program then you can purchase a McAfee subscription for Android from Play Store directly.

Cancelling McAfee subscription on Phone Devices

Users can get a subscription for McAfee from Play Store or App Store. You can use the same platform for cancelling the subscription.

  1. Open the Play Store and hit on Profile
  2. Select subscription and check for McAfee
  3. Tap on the Cancel button

Confirm the McAfee cancellation and close the Play Store. Check the registered email for confirmation. You can use the App Store for iOS devices. After you cancel the subscription, you can renew it manually anytime. When the user is getting any error while canceling the auto-renewal, he can contact the technical team.

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