Have you thought about the Fish Scales Moroccan Tile for your interior design?

Well if you’re wondering about Moroccan fish scales tile here you’ll get your answer. Moroccan fish scales are extremely popular nowadays thanks to their amazing and fabulous style. they’re designed to impress the clients who are crazy with ancient and traditional interior design.

Moroccan fish scales tile have a soft concrete design look which makes it easy to scrub . also as, get obviate dirt in only a couple of seconds employing a sponge dampened with a touch water. they will be used on the whole spaces of your home since they’re available in Small Fish Scales moroccan tile, Medium Fish Scales Tiles, and big Fish Scales Tiles size counting on the person’s wishes.

Moreover, they’re undoubtedly perfect as design features in several homes ; offering an intensive look and convey gaiety to the eyes of the beholders. Besides, Moroccan fish scales tile are so versatile and sturdy which suggests that they last goodbye within the targeted space with no change in terms of color and fabric. This amazing fish scales are perfectly standing over time and always look nearly as good as new.

Its soft concrete design makes it easy to scrub . also as, getting obviate dirt in only a couple of seconds employing a sponge dampened with a touch water. Their quality is that the best among all the tiles within the worldwide because they’re original and no imitation from the supermarket.

Briefly, for those that need a very exotic and traditional interior design. Moroccan Fish scales tile are the simplest option for your home since they add an expensive aesthetic touch to anywhere .

The manufacturing has changed a touch since the Merinides. Today tiles are utilized in all traditional Moroccan buildings as a symbol of bourgeoisie, Moroccan tiles are utilized in floors, walls, and buildings like palaces, houses, raids and also mosques….

Moroccan tiles also are among the foremost creative and amazing tiles within the world. tons of nations use Moroccan artisans to assist them within the construction of buildings and mosques. Since Moroccan tiles became very widespread they’re not using it only in traditional Moroccan buildings but also in modern ones.

People around the world mostly use Moroccan tiles as (cement tiles, large sized zellige and much more..) for kitchen decoration, bathrooms, Hammams (traditional bathroom), pools …

The Moroccan tiles are prepared during a traditional way by mixing clay with water. After the obtention of the proper paste, they spread it on the bottom . after that , they put it in wood molds compartments and adjust it by using special knives. While the clay remains wet they cut it into different shapes and sizes.

The final step is tiles coloring and therefore the application of a final layer of clay to carry everything together.

Artzellige is understood for the simplest Moroccan tiles because of the superb quality of the clay and also the assistance of our local artisans who always give new color ideas and modify the shapes so as to form the tiles more appealing for our visitors.

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