People photography for Instagram: top Instagrammable poses and locations

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Based on the statistics, posts with people in business accounts and increased followers on Instagram gain more engagement than just photographs of products. If you run an Instagram-based store or you provide services, we advise you to use not just soulless product images and illustrations but pay attention to genuine visuals with humans. In this article, you will learn how to take photos of people for your feed and stories using just a phone. how to increase followers on Instagram: superviral

People photography for Instagram: top Instagrammable poses and locations (+checklist)

This article will be especially relevant for those who sell clothes or accessories through Instagram. There are many ways to get a diverse grid, which is a big trend in 2021. Sometimes you won’t even need to organize photo shoots.

How you can amass images with people for your business profile:

Ask your clients to share visuals. If you explore the accounts of large stores, you’ll notice people in almost every post, and they are mostly all different people. This trick works well for the aesthetics of the profile because the feed turns out to be varied and viewers will want to open each post. get more followers on Instagram

The easiest way to amass images of people using your products is to collect them from customers who have bought something from you. User-generated content will be social proof encouraging new visitors to try your goods.

To get more photos from clients regularly, offer them a discount for shared content or arrange a contest under a branded hashtag. You can later download pics from the hashtag gallery with the Inflact Downloader.

Boost the reach of your content organically


Use third-party content for the feed. To diversify the content in your profile, you can use not only photos taken by you but also someone else’s visuals that you can simply download from Instagram. For example, it can be fashion shows, vintage photography, archives, screenshots from movies and TV shows, etc. If you use such content, make sure you mention the source.

Arrange photo shoots for Instagram. You can take pictures of yourself or invite models. Many people think that it is expensive and difficult, but in this article, you will find a simple guide that will allow you to achieve brilliant results with less effort.

Essentially, you don’t always need to look for professional and expensive models for shooting. By the way, many shops post images of one the same model on Instagram, and even for a website catalog, it can look stylish.

Offer cooperation to influencers or novice models on barter terms. Some will be happy to work for just professional pictures for their portfolio. get more paid followers on Instagram

Next, we will review in detail the top ideas of poses and locations that are in trend. You can find such pics on the accounts of influencers. With the help of these insights, you can easily make a mood board that will facilitate the whole process so the result will meet your expectations.


Look at the image formats that are trendy now on IG. It will help you to get ideas and a clear understanding of the result you want. how to get more followers on Instagram


You can easily do this in the mirror in your store, at home, in a dressing room, studio, etc. The most wonderful thing about this type of photo is that the model, or you, does not have to do makeup and hairstyling. Shots with no head but with a human figure will perfectly diversify the grid layout and show your products from the best angle. get followers on Instagram


The simplest way to depict your items on a model is by getting shots in front of a mirror. If you sell hand-made clothes, use this way of showing your work. get followers on Instagram


photography for Instagram

Simply change the angle and take a shot from the back. This way you will depict your items in a new and distinct way. get more paid followers on Instagram

There’s no need to show the whole scene with many details. Zoom in the image to show what is important. For example, this is a good way to demonstrate accessories in action on a human body.

photographs of products

You can find a phone booth in almost every city. Try to experiment with this location, even if it doesn’t seem aesthetic at first sight. The final shoot may be brilliant thanks to contrast. get more followers on Instagram


With the help of this device, you can reproduce any background for an image. It gives so much freedom and is very simple to achieve. You can rent it and just find a white wall.


Instagram-based store

If there’s even a small gallery in your city, check on it to get awesome photos for Instagram. Usually, galleries are occupied with good light and artworks will be an aesthetic background for your products.


This location is also easy to find and it will create rhythmic composition thanks to shelves and books. Experiment with libraries and bookshops for your next photo shoot.


Sometimes you don’t even need to leave your apartment to obtain an Instagrammable photo for a business account. Bathrooms, candles, and flowers may be photogenic. Also, you can play with water and foam.


In 2021 a photoshoot for a business on Instagram can be as simple as ABC.

If creating images for a personal brand, you can be a model, a photographer, an editor, and a social manager all in one. get more paid followers on Instagram

Nevertheless, when you need to get prepared for a creative process with a team, certain instructions are vital. Here is our checklist before shooting people based on our experience:

Moodboard and concept. You can explore the detailed guide on how to research before photoshoots and create mood boards. With a well-done mood board, you will be more confident in the final result. But it can be even better because the creative process is a box of surprises. Also, it will help you to present ideas to the team (photographer, make-up artist, models) and find props beforehand.

Amateur models that work to build a portfolio (you can ask them to cooperate for free or in exchange for your product).

Your clients (these people are loyal to your brand and can take part for a discount, for example).

Your friends (don’t be ashamed to ask people you know to take part in the project. Share your mood board on social media and some of your friends/followers may respond).

Hair. Ask models to arrive with clean hair but not washed on the day of shooting. Freshly washed hair will be challenging to style.

Nails. As a rule toes and fingernails must be without nail polish or with a neutral manicure/pedicure. Of course, it depends on the style of your shooting and the result you want. But imagine how messy nails may screw up the final results.

Skin/Makeup. The skin should be clean, with no makeup or neutral makeup. If models should do the makeup on their own, provide examples and directions.

Underwear. Ask them to bring at least black, white, and skin-colored (nude) if you will take photos of clothes. Also, they may need a strapless bra – bra straps are an absolute no-go more often than not.

Freshness. If you are planning to be in front of the camera, ensure you put your best face forward by getting a full night’s rest and refraining from alcohol the night before. Be sure to drink enough water the night before and the day of. how to increase followers on Instagram

High-heeled shoes. If you don’t have shoes of all sizes, ask the model to bring their own.

Go-to beauty supplies. If there’s no pro makeup artist on a shoot, ask models to bring a beauty bag with a daily foundation and other makeup products.

Hair ties, bobby pins, and other hair accessories. A range of hair accessories ensures smooth pre-shoot prep and helps to create various looks. how to get more followers on Instagram: click here

Be on time or earlier. Timing is crucial, especially if you rent a paid studio where other clients will come according to a schedule. It’s better to arrive 20-30 minutes earlier, if possible. Models will have more time to select outfits and complete hair & make-up if needed.

If you need to take commercial photos of your products for Instagram, explore the article How to sell products through Instagram: commercial product photography set up checklist.

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