Play Slashy to Escape from the Daily Hustle and Bustle


Have you ever become bored playing the same mobile games over and over again? The remedy for this condition is slashy. A challenging puzzle game with a lot of power, fun, and mentally taxing is what Slashy is all about. 

 It is a frequent sight that the user interfaces of the bulk of mobile games are so difficult that many players promptly uninstall those games. Hence, a group of developers made the simple game Slashy by keeping this idea in mind.

 The App Store offers a free download of the puzzle game, Slashy. Due to the simplicity of the game, people of all ages can enjoy playing this game. As a result, they can use this game as a healthy kind of recreation.

 The goal of the Game:-

The objective of this, more than a 300-level game, is to use the given and desired slices to pop the accessible discs on the mobile screen. Exploding the discs is a simple exercise that only requires one click. The cheerful music and the shakes further boost the game’s fun. 


Different Partitions and a Varied Number of Discs:- 

As we progress through the stages, the number of discs and their divisions or partitions indicate the difficulty level of this hyper-casual game.

  1. At every odd level, there is an addition of one more disc. For instance, Level 1 has three discs. For Level 2, this value remains the same.
  2. At Level 3, however, there will be four discs.
  3. Following a similar principle, there would be a maximum of 8 discs in Level 11. 
  4. Moving further, there will be three discs for Level 13 and Level 14, and the number will rise similarly. 
  5. Additionally, the divisions will increase much further.
  6. The partitions in the discs, for instance, would be 3 from levels 1 to 12, 4 from levels 13 to 24, and so on.
  7. The number of divisions has a maximum limit of six 

You can’t take forever to Burst the Discs:- 

  1. There is a limited number of move sets that can be used to position slices on the discs.
  2. The game is over if the move sets expire.
  3. However, after level 49, the time limit will take the place of the move sets.
  4. The move cap reestablishes after the timer reaches level 96.
  5. The slices must be properly arranged by the player.


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Twist in the Rotation and the Revolution:-

  1. In the higher levels, along with their revolution around the slicing plate, the discs also start rotating.
  2. The discs first spin anticlockwise around the slice plate. 
  3. Secondly, the discs also rotate around their axes in a clockwise direction.
  4. The rotation’s speed also rises as we advance through the game’s stages.


Props of the Slashy enhance the beauty of the game:- 

Along with the visually stunning effects as a result of various themes, there is unlocking of new props after every 12 levels as well. The user is free to choose any prop he wants to advance his game. These eye-captivating props are:- 

  1. a football 
  2. a compact disc
  3. a vinyl record 
  4. a slice of orange 
  5. a pizza
  6.  a clock
  7. a button
  8. a kiwi slice
  9. a diamond 
  10. a crystal ball 
  11. a plate etc.


Hammer – The Secret Weapon

The player may occasionally come to a deadlock if the given slice does not fit anyplace on the discs that are accessible. At that instant, they can unleash the secret weapon they have in their arsenal. Relating to this, users are given access to three hammers as a means of overcoming this obstacle. The game becomes easy by using these hammers to break the stuck discs digitally, of course.


But watch out for what happens after the exhaustion of all the hammers. To obtain more hammers, in this case, the user must watch a few free videos. The hammers are unlocked after seeing a few promotional videos. At that point, the player will be prepared to begin.


Merits of Playing Slashy:-

Because it is easy enough for players of all ages to understand, Slashy is a blessing for gamers, as I have already remarked. The best aspect about Slashy is that anyone can play it anywhere. One does not need to engage their mental faculties to understand this puzzle game. Although Slashy is a puzzle game, it really does help you comprehend how intricate your own mind is.


So, all game aficionados are in for a nice treat. Grab your gadgets and download this interesting puzzle game. Tap play now & Enjoy the Game👇




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