Plotting and printing tips when it comes to CAD softwares

AutoCAD printing

Auto CAD is a widely used and very well-known engineering software, probably the most popular CAD software you can find. Nowadays, thanks to the digital age, CAD drawings and softwares are more popular than ever before. When it comes to printing with CAD programs, on AutoCAD software there are several features related to printing support for its users. In order to set up a fine print from AutoCAD or another CAD software, you need to go through a number of different stages. If you want to look at samples and templates, you can find a wide range of examples of CAD prints online so that you can get a better idea of the possibilities you have on the table.

One of the most used output formats of AutoCAD drawing is PDF or Portable Document Format. A drawing exported in Portable Document Format can preserve layer data, custom font styles as well as some other properties.

When a drawing contains several layouts, you can select to get the Portable Document Format output as a single document with layouts in the sheets or you can just plot them separately. The quality of the output can be controlled utilising the settings of the Portable Document Format plotters.

Throughout the following lines you will find some basic methods with which you will be able to get output in Portable Document Format from the AutoCAD drawing with many different settings, as well as some other tips and aspects you will find useful when it comes to printing with AutoCAD.


Plot to Portable Document Format

On AutoCAD, to plot a drawing to Portable Document Format press CTRL+P on your keyboard or simply type PLOT on the command line and then press enter. That will open the plot window in AutoCAD. Select DWG to PDF.pc3 plotter from the drop-down list of plotters.

You can also choose other Portable Document Format plotters with predefined settings like AutoCAD PDF (General documentation).pc3. It has a resolution of 1200 dpi. And AutoCAD PDF (High Quality print).pc3 has a resolution of 2400 dpi.


If you use a colour printer…

AutoCAD drawings support many colours. Because of this, if you want to print in black and white, you will need to convert the colour strokes to Black so that it is not missing strokes. If you don’t convert them when printing, only black strokes can appear and other colours may disappear. At the option window Plot Styles, choose Colour 1. Then press the Shift key to scroll down and choose the last colour. Once you have selected all the colours at Plot Styles, in the Properties section just select Colour to Black.


Publish to Portable Document Format

One of the main advantages of the Publish option is its ability to plot multi-sheet Portable Document Format files. To use this option just type PUBLISH on the command line and then press enter. From Publish to the drop-down menu of Publish window choose PDF as format and then click on the Publish Options button. From the PDF Publish options window select the Multi-sheet file radio button and then adjust the settings. Then click on OK and then select Publish.


AutoCAD internal drivers

AutoCAD internal drivers utilise the AutoCAD Device Interface to convert the drawing commands to an HPGL print-ready file. An ADDK or AutoCAD Device Driver Kit is required to build this type of driver usually for a plotter device.


Printing to Xerox multifunction devices directly from AutoCAD

To print AutoCAD output utilising a Document Centre, just use the latest Windows driver from Xerox. Perhaps some of the advanced printing features in the driver won’t be available. This is because of the way in which the AutoCAD works. For instance, AutoCAD automatically reduces the output in order to fit the paper size that was set in the configuration of the printer. AutoCAD only produces single page output, double sided, booklet creation and multi-up features don’t work.

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