Real Estate Software Benefits and Tools to Help You Grow your Business

Real Estate software Services

You have a busy schedule because you work in the real estate industry. How do you manage your to-do list, store your buyer and renter information, and plan your workday? A real estate software development company is the obvious answer.

Real Estate Software: What Is It?

Real estate software includes a variety of platforms and tools that can make managing your workday simpler. You can manage leads and clients, upload vital files, send automated emails on set schedules, deliver marketing campaigns, view insights and reports, and do a lot more using a set of tools. This is all done on a single platform.

The majority of real estate software platforms are cloud-based, allowing you and your authorized colleagues to view and edit the data from any location with an internet connection.

Five advantages of real estate software


You can easily scale your platform with the help of a reputable real estate software developer, adding more leads, contacts, and properties to your database. This is crucial for professionals who are expanding their businesses, which is the case for many in the real estate industry. Additionally, you can always upgrade your software’s storage capacity as needed without having to completely reevaluate the platform.

Lead Generation 

The foundation of your real estate business’s efforts is lead generation, but managing and reaching all of your potential clients can be challenging. CRM software can assist you in organizing your leads, keeping them in one location, and enabling you to derive insights and trends for your data. You’ll be able to take advantage of opportunities and gain a better understanding of the value and potential value that each of your customers may bring.


The majority of real estate software integrates seamlessly with your other tools to improve the way you view and organize workflows if you manage your business using a variety of platforms and tools. You’ll be able to consolidate your data and see everything in one place, which is crucial as your business develops and expands.

Automation of Tasks

Even if you have years of experience, you will still spend at least some of your time on tedious tasks. Real estate software can automate repetitive, menial tasks for you, removing them from your to-do list and giving you more time each day. Even emails and messages can be automated, allowing you to contact customers without having to do a thing.

More Effective Analysis

Reporting and analysis are two of this software’s most crucial features. These platforms efficiently gather, analyze, and produce vast amounts of data, providing you with detailed, comprehensive reports and dashboards. From there, you’ll be able to gain priceless insights that will help you understand your customers, your industry, and your operations better. You can use this to streamline your operations and make wiser decisions.

Three Real Estate software tools to help you take your business to the next level:

Real estate professionals are aware of how fiercely competitive the market is. In 2022, the National Association of Realtors estimated that there would be over 3 million active real estate licences in the country. That’s some fierce rivalry. And anything you can do to give yourself a competitive edge should be taken into consideration, given the volatility of the housing market.

As a result, you require software, either in the form of a ready-made tool or something a real estate software development company could create for you. Fortunately, there are many pre-built tools and platforms out there that are prepared to assist you in expanding your business. 

Let’s examine three of these instruments:

Zoho Real Estate CRM

The Zoho Real Estate CRM is specially designed for real estate agencies of all sizes. The Zoho platform offers automation for real estate brokers, developers, and agents, as well as sales process management.

Omnichannel communication tools, integrated campaigns, project management, third-party integration, extensive customization, and self-service portals are all provided by Zoho Real Estate CRM. You can manage and track leads with campaigns, insights, surveys, and social media with the help of an intuitive interface. Additionally, Zoho enables task automation using predefined workflow rules based on region, industry, potential deal size, or even circularly for those who prefer it.

Pricing for Zoho Real Estate CRM ranges from $14 per user per month to $52 per user per month.


The streak has industry-specific workflows even though it wasn’t created with real estate in mind. Streak stands out because it seamlessly integrates with Gmail, giving you access to everything you need in a recognizable interface.

Streak makes it simple to organize and share documents and emails, control access rights, design custom workflows that are tailored to your needs, calculate individual commissions automatically, separate and track data, receive feedback via email, improve communication with Snippets, use lead reminders, and keep better track of your deals.

Streak would be a simple win for any seasoned Gmail user to help grow your real estate business.

You can choose from a Solo ($15/user/month), Pro ($49/user/month), or Enterprise ($129/user/month) account, or Streak also offers a limited number of free accounts.

Smart Officer

With features like seamless deal management, centralized customer information, intelligent marketing automation, commission reporting, landing pages, team, time management, and text messaging, Wise Agent is a CRM platform designed specifically for the real estate industry.

One of the top all-in-one real estate solutions available is called Wise Agent. The platform’s integration with practically everything, including Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Docusign, Evernote, Mailchimp, AWS, Virtudesk, and Zillow, is a contributing factor.

Wise Agent costs between $32 and $329 per month.


If you can’t find the precise platform you require for your company, find a real estate software development company to make a specialized solution that not only satisfies your requirements but also aids in the development of your company. 

There are many real estate platforms available today, but for your particular requirements, think about hiring a development company that will be providing you with additional app cost calculator features to tailor the software. By doing this, you’ll be able to collaborate closely with a company to make sure that your platform accomplishes all of your goals for improving workflows and your company as a whole.


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