Real-world Issues And Solutions Technology Presents

Real-world Issues And Solutions Technology Presents

The world is now struggling against numerous problems. With every passing day, the issues and social issues are increasing. In this situation, as always, technology came forward to present the solutions for these issues. Technology in every form was developed to create ease for human beings and to make their life easier. There is no discipline where technology is not involved.

It is involved in the educational sector in the form of virtual and blended education and in marketing as a mobile app development services. If we look on a small scale, we can clearly see how much technology is involved in our daily tasks. But here, we will see how technology is giving us the solution for our real-world issues that can become big problems.

Eradication of mass hunger:

Among the significant problems that our world is facing is mass hunger. Every day billions of people go to sleep at night hungry. When we compare the number of people who have food to eat and have clean water to drink with those with hunger issues and living without these resources, we see a major difference. The people with the issues are much more than the people with the help.

These people are facing hunger issues because they do not have enough resources or fertile land to cultivate crops. Now the question arises of how technology can solve this food issue? The research shows that advanced modern technological farming methods and genetic engineering will be able to produce food for a massive number of people. They will help to grow a large number of crops at very low prices that will make it possible for everyone to fulfill their necessity of food. And in the future, with the help of technology, the food will be available at a very reasonable price.

Fight against diseases:

In every stage of advancement and evolution, human beings have fought against a large number of diseases. And with the passage of time, they also learn how to counter these diseases.

Numerous diseases that were considered incurable are now curable because, with the help of technology, man find out their solutions. With every passing day, our knowledge and information about genomics are getting better and better. Now there is the treatment for almost every disease. In contrast, if we look back at ancient times, people died because of flu and malaria, but now the picture is completely changed.

The most recent example we have is of the pandemic of COVID. We can clearly see the rapid progress of researchers, doctors, and scientists. And they have also discovered vaccination for the COVID within two years.

Not only that, the knowledge and researches about disease keep coming from time to time. Whereas in the past, this process takes years. It is also predicted that technology will become more powerful in the fight against diseases and help man even in a more batter way in the future.

Climate change:

Climate change is the biggest challenge that our planet earth is facing right now. Nothing is more serious right now than the climate change issue. The issue of climate change will not affect only one country or region. Every single person or living thing on this earth will face the consequences of climate change.

When we look at the reports about the environment and the changes occurring in the climate, we first get shocked and then realize how serious this issue is and how urgent it is to step forward and work for it? Even the reports show that some irreversible changes occur, but the situation may worsen if we do not start working on it. The technology can help to minimize the effects of climate change.

The organizations like UN, NASA, and other prominent organizations that are full equippe with modern technology is now working on the issue of climate change, and they also involve students and teachers all around the world via technology to contribute to the fight against climate change which no doubt is a drastic change that has the power to destroy our lives.

Child abuse:

Child abuse is a crime in which technology has a significant role. It is not only in solving this issue but also that technology is one of the reasons for an increase in this crime. With the advancement of technology and since technology, especially smartphones, are introduce the crime like abuse is also increase. But technology has a solution for all the problems.

The security and strict policies can help to minimize people’s access to such content not only that the things that were impossible in the past are now possible only because of technology. For instance, it was a difficult task to find out criminals, but with technology now, it is possible to identify who is the real criminal with proves.

Data privacy:

Another issue that people are facing is data privacy. Almost every firm, business organization, and individual are facing this issue. The data of people is not safe. People have a lot of insecurities regarding their personal and business data. The hackers are every time in the struggle to steal the data of the people.

In this regard, Blockchain is the solution for the problems related to data privacy. The data in the Blockchain is wholly secured and is difficult, or we can say impossible, to hack. Technology is struggling to make the data of people secure.

The same quality of education for all:

Education is also an issue that the real world is facing. There are a large number of children who were unable to get higher education or primary education. But with the technology and internet now everyone can get an education and become aware.

There are so many online courses available on the internet that provide knowledge to the people and make them skilled at a very reasonable fee. Even the courses that are very expensive are available on the internet at low prices. Not only that internet provides a pool of knowledge accessible to all.

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