Recommendation by Phone Repair Store on improving battery life

Slimmer cellphone bodies, brighter screens, fast processing units, speedier internets, and powerful software. What is there to not like about the new cellphones? But there is a downside to all of this. The battery consumption of smartphones is high. Although cellphone manufacturers are trying to incorporate more powerful batteries still a lot is needed to bridge the gap. As a result, the batteries get discharged quickly and people have to visit a phone repair store to get a solution to this problem. In this blog, we will discuss various ways recommended by cell phone repair centers through which we can improve the battery life of a smartphone.

Tips to Improve the Battery Life of a Cellphone by Phone Repair Store

  • Don’t forget to enable power saving mode

Whenever you are in a situation where the battery is low and you need a quick fix then enable power saving mode. This helps in disabling all those applications that are eating up your battery life. It limits syncing, networking, and location services and also limits the screen’s refresh rate. All of this helps in increasing the battery life of a smartphone.

  • Airplane mode is a friend in need

Most of the time, the wifi mode of a cellphone is on. Sending or receiving signals can be quite strenuous for your smartphone’s battery. Airplane mode comes here to the rescue. One can simply disconnect your phone’s wifi, disable the Bluetooth and turn off the mobile data. All you need to do is swipe down and tap on airplane mode. Your phone will be disconnected saving a lot of battery.

  • Is your screen too bright?

These big bright screens of your smartphone are the most attractive feature yet it also consumes the battery the most. One does not need bright screens all the time. All you need to do is pull down the screen and reduce the brightness from the bar or you can also go to the display settings and adjust the screen brightness accordingly. Apart from that also try to disable the auto brightness feature. According to this feature, the screen of the smartphone brightens up according to the perceived need. As a result, you won’t even know who the culprit is behind your phone’s battery consumption if the auto brightness is turned on.

  • Your smartphone has a dark mode. Do you know?

Dark mode turns your screen black, making it soothing for your eyes. Apart from that if your smartphone has OLED or AMOLED screens then the phone turns off those pixels that are turned black. This helps in reducing the consumption of your battery. To avail of this all you need to do is pull down the bar and press the dark mode option. Else you can also go to the display settings and approach this feature from there. Apart from that one can also schedule when the dark mode needs to turn on and for how long.

  • Switch off the active listening mode

Due to active listening, your smartphone is always awake and listening to you. This may be convenient but it eats up a lot of battery. Asa result when saving battery life it is best to keep it turned down.


Above mentioned are a few tips that can help you increase your battery life. If still not possible then visit your nearest phone repair store like Moss Tech 242 and get your smartphone repaired or else buy the smartphone charger.

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