How to Reset HP Wireless Printer Password Factory Settings

HP Wireless Printer

HP Wireless Printer are very famous as they are available in multiple sizes and are platform-independent. You can use the new HP printer wirelessly. Many of the new HP printers offer network printing. Users just have to set the printer to Wi-Fi. Now they can connect the printer to any device. For connection, the user will require the printer password. You can set the password on the HP printer. Once the user has the correct password, he can easily access the printer. But when you forget the password, reset it. 

Steps for Resetting HP Wireless Printer Password

  1. Open the printer and check the home Menu
  2. Use arrow key and go to setup
  3. Choose Network
  4. Choose Restore Network Settings
  5. Hit the Yes button
  6. Wait until HP printer network settings get restored
  7. Go to the PC 
  8. Open Devices and Printers folder
  9. Right-click on the HP printer icon
  10. Hit on Properties and select password

Type a new password for the HP printer and save all the changes. Now you can access the printer with a new password. Go to the computer and try to connect the HP printer. You will see a password wizard. Enter the new password and tap the Confirm button. After connection, take the printouts easily. 

Unable to access HP Wireless Printer on the Network

If you are unable to use the printer even after resetting the password then check for errors. Eros can occur due to network issues. Check for WPS and other things which can affect the connection.

Reset HP Printer to Factory Settings

When you reset your HP printer, the password will also be set to default. If the user is getting his error due to invalid settings then resetting will help. 

  1. Unplug the power cable
  2. Wait for some time and insert the cable
  3. Open your printer; press and hold the Resume button
  4. Attention light will blink

Release the button and wait. Now go to the HP printer and configure it again to network. Try printing and check for errors.

Reconnect HP Wireless Printer to the network

While connecting the printer to Wi-Fi, check the router. When it has a WPS then the user can connect the printer to Wi-Fi directly. In case, your printer doesn’t support WPS then go for the standard connection method. 

  1. Go to HP printer
  2. Press the Wireless settings button
  3. Press and hold the Wi-Fi and cancel button
  4. Wi-Fi and power lamp will start blinking
  5. Go to the router and enable the WPS pin
  6. Check HP printer screen for networks
  7. Select the network and tap on confirm
  8. After the connection, check the SSID. Go to the printer and select the control panel
  9. Choose Wireless button
  10. Hit the button next to settings

Choose the printer report and tap on the OK button. You will get a network configuration printout. Now check the network SSID and status. When all details are correct then you can try taking printouts over Wi-Fi.

Check the Cartridge on your HP Wireless Printer

The printer shows the HP Printer Error Code 0xc18a0206 when it can’t get the cartridge. Inspect the cartridge of your HP device. If it is empty then get a new HP cartridge for the printer. When a new cartridge seems costly then refill the empty one. You must get high-quality ink for the cartridge. Remove the cartridge and open the ink drum.

Refill the ink carefully and then shake the cartridge. Insert the cartridge on the printer and retry to take your printouts. When your cartridge has enough ink but the printer is showing an error then check its pins. Sometimes, the pins get bent and the printer starts showing errors. Reinstall your cartridge and assure the pins are touching the contact. When the printer finds the cartridge, it will start taking printouts.

Inspect printhead of HP Wireless Printer

When the printhead stops working, the printer shows the error. If your printhead is damaged then you need to replace it. Your printer can’t work with a burnt printhead. If the printhead is clogged then the user has to clean it. Remove all the dried ink carefully from the printer. You can also run the HP cleaning utility tool. After cleaning it, check the error. When the printer is still getting errors on the network then ask for help.

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