Setup Rockspace AC2100 WIFI ext to Default configuration

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Now, you can bring your Re.rockspace.local AC2100 WIFI extender to its default factory configuration. Just use the following reset methods. If you have forgotten the user ID and the password of your Rockspace ap.setup a WIFI extender, reset it to its factory default settings. If your device is not working, perform either a factory reset or reboot process.

Or, If you want to reset a new password, perform a Hard Reset to the WIFI extender. Then you can use the default login username and password to access your Rockspace ap.setup interfaces page. After that, you can set a new security password for your extender.

Rockspace WIFI extender setup AC2100 to the default configuration. 

To perform a default factory configuration process on your Re.rockspace.local  WIFI device, please follow the below-listed steps.

  1. Plug your Rockspace ap.setup a WIFI extender into a power source.
  2. Always use a power adapter.
  3. Then, place a paper clip or toothpick into the hole labelled “Reset Button” on the extender.
  4. Hold the paper clip or the toothpick down for at least 10 to 15 seconds and release.
  5. The WIFI extender will start booting up on its own.
  6. Once the WLAN LED light stops flashing, your WIFI extender reset.
  7. It is in its factory default settings.
  8. You can reset the firmware only through the Rockspace ap.setup firmware update process.

Please Note: – Resetting the Rockspace ap.setup extender does not reset its

Rockspace WIFI extender setup: AC2100 dual-band WIFI extender

To set up your Rockspace WIFI extender, get a username, password, IP address, and a web browser. On your computer, you need to open a web browser to access the login page of your Rockspace AC2100 WIFI extender setup. The computer you have connected to the ap.setup network should have an active internet connection and a browser.

  • First, verify that your router is turned up and plugged into the power source.
  • After that, establish a connection between the configuration device and the WIFI extender.
  • You can secure a successful network via a network cable or a Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter the IP address or the URL Re.rockspace.local into the address line of the web browser.
  • Then confirm by entering the button. And then introduce the username and password.
  • Input the Re.rockspace.local login credentials in the appeared login window.
  • Press the login button to access the ap.setup web interface page of your WIFI extender.

Rockspace WIFI extender setup AC2100 through WPS button. 

Setting up your Rockspace local WIFI extender is simple using a WPS button. In this method, we press a WPS or Push button on the router and the WIFI extender. We have to press this WPS button on both devices within two minutes.

  1. You can do the Rockspace WIFI extender setup AC2100 without using any web browser.
  2. And configuration device only if your Wi-Fi device has a WPS one-touch setup button.
  3. First of all, locate the WPS button.
  4. It is on the rear panel of your Rockspace ap.setup a WIFI extender and the router.
  5. Push and hold it for about five to ten seconds.
  6. You have to see the power LED blinking on your Re.rockspace.local WIFI extender and the router.
  7. If the power LED lights, then the router and your WIFI extender have synchronized successfully.
  8. Therein, the WPS button will automatically configure and establish a secure connection for your Rockspace AC2100 WIFI extender.

Rockspace AC2100 WIFI extender via a Web Browser

  1. In the beginning, start connecting any of the available devices to your Rockspace AC2100 WIFI extender. Use an Ethernet cable only.
  2. Open the desired web browser and enter Re.rockspace.local at the Addy of the browser.
  3. If the Re.rockspace.local fails to access the login window.
  4. Then you should try to access the login page of your range extender.
  5. Now, you can see the Rockspace ap.setup extender dashboard.
  6. You need to click the option [Scan Now] and wait until it gets finished.
  7. Wait for a minute and let your Re.rockspace.local WIFI extender connects to the router.
  8. Once it gets connected, you are all done with your Re.rockspace.local WIFI extender setup.

What if I fail to access Re.rockspace.local login page?

  1. Sometimes, you may notice that Re.rockspace.local fails to access the login window of your wireless range extender.
  2. You can also see a page with an error message.
  3. The page will not display after entering Re.rockspace.local
  4. In that situation, make changes to see whether the Ethernet cable is attached to the computer.
  5. Secondly, avoid connecting your computer wirelessly with the Rockspace WIFI extender.
  6. Suppose your computer or the laptop has connected with any other wireless router.
  7. Then try to disable the Wi-Fi adapter of your computer.
  8. Afterwards, make sure whether you have disabled the firewall programs or not.

Forget my IP address, Username, & Password of my Rockspace AC2100 WIFI extender?

  • Check your Product Manual

Have you forgotten the username, password and IP address of your WIFI extender? Then check the user manual booklet of your Rockspace AC2100 WIFI extender. The manual always contains the information regarding the default username, password, and IP address.

  • Reset the Rockspace AC2100 WIFI extender 

In case you have changed the entire default login information of your WIFI extender, then you have the only option to reset your Rockspace AC2100 WIFI extender to its previous factory default settings. The reset process is simple as you only have to press a reset button given on your WIFI extender.

  1. Take a pointed object, like a pin or a paper clip.
  2. You can also take a pencil and look for the reset button on the outer panel of your extender.
  3. When you find the reset button, press it using the pointed object which you have.
  4. Press the button for at least 16 to 18 seconds and then release.
  5. As you release the reset button, and the WIFI extender LED will start flashing.
  6. It means the Rockspace ap.setup is rebooting. After a few minutes, it will set to its factory default settings.
  • Use dictionary Method

The dictionary method is beneficial for us. It helps to retrieve the username and password of your WIFI extender without resetting it to its default factory settings. In this method, you may get a list of all common username, passwords and IP addresses used by the Re.rockspace.local WIFI users. You can pick-and-try any one of them from the given list to break the forgotten security of your WIFI extender. The dictionary method also helps to find your customized username and password. It also carries all those usernames and passwords that a person uses to set WIFI routers. It is a guessing method.

  • Call your internet service provider

If you fail to get the username and password of your Rockspace local WIFI extender, call the internet service provider. The internet service provider will always have your login details. And they can provide you with any time you ask them. In case you do not have any internet service provider. Then you have to reset the WIFI extender to its default factory settings.

  • Retrieve your data from the secured file

Are you still not able to get the login username and password of your Rockspace AC2100 WIFI extender? Then the best way is to upload a previously saved file of your WIFI extender. You might have a backup of your WIFI extender. For that, you must have a username and password. You need to upload that backup file. And then use that username and password used to login into that settings.

Reset will revert all of your configured settings to its default login settings. It includes the username and password that you have. Then you can log in back to your Rockspace AC2100 WIFI extender interface page via default login credentials.


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