How to Resolve Slow Printing in Windows PC

Slow Printing

Every printer device has a certain printing speed. But it relies on various factors. New printer devices usually offer good printing speed. But if your printer seems Slow Printing then you should inspect Çanakkale Escort all the factors which can inspect the speed of the printer. Once you resolve the issues, your printer will start working at a good speed.

Common Causing Behind Slow Printing Speed Issues

  1. Your printer is running on an outdated driver
  2. Low voltage for printer
  3. The issue on the printer IP address
  4. You are using a low-speed cable
  5. The printhead is not moving correctly
  6. The printer is in High print-quality mode
  7. Malware infection on the commanding device
  8. Your printer is far from the access point

Resolving Slow Printing Issues on Windows PC

Run a Printer Troubleshooter

When the printer shows speed issues when connected to the PC then try running the troubleshooter. If the troubleshooting error is occurring due to some printer-related files then troubleshooting will resolve it. You can find the printer troubleshooter on the Update and Security page.

  1. Close the print wizard
  2. Close all the running apps on the system
  3. Open the Settings tab
  4. Tap on Update & Security 
  5. Check for the Troubleshooter tab
  6. Hit on Printers and run the troubleshooter 

Now you have to wait and then restart the PC. Take a printout and check the printer speed.

Check the USB Cable

Printer speed will get affected when the USB is not working correctly. Remove the cable from the printer and check its ends. Insert the cable correctly; make sure it is not loose. Users sometimes connect the printer using a low-speed cable. Some printer devices have similar USB cables to other devices. But don’t use other USBs on the printer. Many of those USBs have low data transfer speed. A low-speed USB can’t transfer the print command instantly. You should get a new cable which offers high transfer speed for the printer device.

Check the Electricity

The printer shows down when it can’t get enough voltage. Every electronic device requires electricity to work. Small printers work on 110 volts and 120 volts. For a bigger printing machine, it requires 240 volts. When the electricity is fluctuating, and the printer can’t get enough watts (30 to 50 watts) while printing then it will slow down. Connect the printer to a better electricity source and take the printouts at a good speed. 

Update the Printer Driver

Your printer will start various issues when the driver is not updated. Many of the functions require updated versions to work properly. Without updating the driver you may get the printer in error state

  1. For updating the driver, open Device Manager
  2. Users can see all the available devices
  3. Select the printer
  4. Hit on the Update Driver button

It will start searching for updates. Once the printer driver gets updated; you can take the printouts reliably.

Check the Printhead

The printhead moves on the paper and imprints the characters. But when the printhead is clogged; it can’t move properly. If the printhead is slow then the printing process will also get slow automatically. You should check the printhead of the printer. The user can run the utility function for cleaning the printhead. 

  1. Go to the Start button
  2. Open Devices folder
  3. Click on Printers & Scanners
  4. Select your printer 
  5. Tap on File and Properties
  6. Hit on the services tab
  7. Choose Printhead Cleaning

Select the OK button and the utility tool will start cleaning the printhead. After cleaning it, the printhead will start moving correctly. Users can also clean the printhead manually by using the cloth. Take a dry cloth and put some drops of alcohol-based cleanser. Now run your printer and monitor its speed.

Keep the Printer near the Router

On a wireless connection, check the distance between the printer and router. When the distance is less, your printer will get the command easily and start printing with good speed. The printer’s speed is reduced with time. In old printer devices, taking a bright printout can require lots of time. But when you need a simple black and white printouts, try using draft mode. Go to the settings and change the printing mode to Low. Now the printer will start printing at a better speed. 

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