How to solve the Brother device scanning issue?

Brother scanner won't connect to PC

Brother is a top name for printer brands. Lots of people prefer this brand of printer over others. Brother printer devices are robust and very budget-friendly.

The wide model ranges allow the user to choose a good printer for his work. New Brother printer models offer scanning and fax services. But sometimes the printer starts showing scanning-related errors.

Reasons behind Brother printer scanning error

  1. Some printer files are not working
  2. The firewall is blocking scanning on the network connection
  3. The scanner driver is corrupted
  4. Brother printer is not connected
  5. Viruses are interrupting the scanning process

Troubleshooting Brother Printer scanning error

Restart the Brother printer

The printer shows a scanning error when it can’t find the required services. This happens when the user sends a scanning job in the middle of printing. The tools are already busy and can’t run from the beginning. When you restart the printer, your Brother printer services and tools start running from the beginning. Go to your Brother device and remove the power cable. Now connect it and the printer must start automatically. The functions will start working correctly on the device. Go to the scanner plate and try to scan your document.

Use scanner troubleshooter

Many times, the printer gets the scanner error if the scanner-related files are not working. The user has to check for the files and repair them. But you can’t find and fix scanner files manually. On Windows, you can use the scanner troubleshooter tool. You can find the tool on the Update tab. Go to the troubleshooter tab and choose Scanner. The troubleshooting tool will start running and checking for the files. If any file is not working, a troubleshooter will fix it. After running the troubleshooter, retry to scan the document with Brother printer. 

Repair your scanner driver

The printer needs a scanner driver to scan the document. Your Brother scanner won’t connect to PC if its driver is not working. The user has to inspect the driver on his device. On PC, send a print job and check for Brother printing error. If the printing function is working correctly but scanning is not working then check the scanner driver. Go to the computer and select the scanner driver. Click on Update on the scanner driver. If the update is not working; the driver files are corrupted. Open the driver and check for the damaged files. If you can’t find or repair those files then you should use a driver repair tool. It will find damaged files and repair them. The user can also reinstall the driver. Remove the corrupted driver from the computer and delete all the related files. Reinstall the scanner driver for your printer and then check scanning issues.

Reconnect the Brother printer

The printer gets an error when it is not connected correctly. The user should check the Brother printer connection for the error. Remove the cable and check the pins and ports for any damage. Reconnect the printer and check printer status on the PC. When the Brother printer is in wireless connection; check the router. Restart the router and Brother printer Wi-Fi button. The printer Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking. Check the printer screen for the connection. Select the correct network and then connect the printer. Now keep the document on the scanning tray and check for the error. 

Disable the firewall

People often get scanning errors on the printer network connections. The error appears when the firewall is restricting the scanning process. For scanning, the printer tries to connect the PC. The firewall suspects the connection as malicious and blocks it. To fix the error, the user needs to disable the firewall temporarily. On PC, check for the inbuilt and personal firewall. Disable the firewall and then you can easily use the scanner. Scan the document and you can get it on your PC easily.

Run the antivirus

Viruses on the PC can corrupt the scanning process. When you give the scan command, viruses start interrupting it. The Brother printer scans the document correctly but the PC can’t read it and shows an error message. For scanning the document correctly, you should remove the malware. Use antivirus and run the full scan. After removing viruses, you can scan your documents with a Brother printer.

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