Subnautica Map Mod

In the game Subnautica, there is no map. However, there is a newman55 mod that adds a map to your PDA. This mod will also let you navigate the map by clicking on the different elements on the map. You can then explore each area and collect resources. You can also find wrecks and other creatures.


The Subnautica map is huge. It includes islands, caves, and 15 different biomes. Each biome has different features and enemies. The Floating Island is the safest island, while the Mountain Island is populated with Warpers Leviathans. It also includes a deep dive area.

The Crash Zone biome is the largest. This biome is where the Aurora crashed. The water in this area is blood-tinted, and is full of deadly fauna. The area is also home to the elusive Ghost Leviathan, which will chase you to death if you approach it.

The Bulb Zone is located on the northeast coast between the Crash Zone and Mountains. The Crag Field biome is the southernmost biome, and it occupies much of the southeast region. Dunes are found in the farthest northwest corner. The plateaus biome is the middle-sized biome, and it is broken into many smaller sections.

Biomes are located on the Subnautica map. Various areas of the ocean contain different kinds of plants and animals. For instance, players can collect seeds, plants, and even clams from a sea urchin in the Arctic. In addition, the player can explore the subnautical world and find different locations. The map will help them in their survival attempt.

Underwater caves are full of treasures and resources, but they can also be dangerous. Inexperienced players can easily get lost in these locations. In addition to their resources, the players can also find the Fossil Excavator and the Fabricator Base in these caves. Sanctuary Zero is also located in the Twisty Bridges cave.

The Twisty Bridges biome is also a safe place to base. This area is full of different resources that are needed in the early game. There are many types of coral and edible flora and fauna. This biome is one of the most colorful ones in the game, and Mesmers can also roam into it.


In Subnautica, resources are the primary building blocks of the game. These can be obtained through crafting and mining, and there are several different types of resources available. Some of these resources are purely cosmetic, while others are very important to the gameplay. For example, the Bladderfish, which have a purple outer membrane, can be used to make Filtered Water. These creatures are relatively slow, but they are also a great source of water. As a player, you will have to learn to balance hunger and thirst, as well as the amount of oxygen you need to stay alive. This requires finding materials that can be used to craft tools that can make exploration easier.

Lead is another resource that is vital for the game. This is because lead is used to make the nuclear reactor, which is essential for massive energy output. Lead can be found in the Purple Vents, but be careful as the area contains many enemies. Similarly, Titanium can be found in the Galena Outcrop, and Sea Monkeys will provide you with an abundance of Titanium.

To craft a mobile vehicle in Subnautica, players will need to find three Fragments. These Fragments can be found scattered throughout the map. However, some wrecks are more useful than others for getting Fragments. Regardless of where you find them, it’s imperative to get the Fragments you need in order to craft the Mobile Vehicle Bay.


There are various types of Subnautica map wrecks. For instance, you can explore the Grassy Plateau, located west of Lifepod 17. The Grassy Plateau contains two wrecks, the Bioreactor and Laser Cutter Fragments. You can also find two PDAs, which tell the story of the game.

Wrecks are also used as resources. The larger wrecks contain the most valuable technology. Those that are small in size are good places to obtain basic supplies and items. In addition, some wrecks contain non-scanning Picture Frames, and there are several in the Bulb Zone.

Exploring shipwreck locations is essential in Subnautica. They contain useful items and a rare chance to find a special item. For example, the only way to find the three fragments of the Parallel Processing Unit is to explore these wrecks. The map will also let you locate biomes, collectibles, and more.

Subnautica map wrecks are not all that common. Despite the game’s focus on exploration and crafting, there are a few noteworthy wrecks. At -15, -96, -624, you’ll find the Aurora wreck. It looks like a collection of shipping containers, but you can find useful items and understand the government’s workings back home. You can also find some other helpful objects such as a PDA.

There are two types of Subnautica map. The first one features the biomes and resources and the second one features wrecks. Besides wrecks, the map also has vents and geysers, as well as Degasi seabases.


The Warper is one of the most dangerous and large creatures found on the Subnautica map. This bio-mechanical creature only attacks when provoked. It deals a high amount of damage and can be found anywhere on the map, but most often resides in deep biomes. These creatures are also capable of teleporting, so it’s important to watch out for them.

The creatures that inhabit the Subnautica map are surprisingly diverse and varied, with something for everyone. From passive Rockgrub that light up caves to giant Sea Dragon Leviathans, you’ll find a wide range of creatures to battle. Some of these creatures can even be deadly. You must have a strong understanding of the map in order to avoid them.

There are also several types of aggressive creatures found on the Subnautica map. The largest of these is the Sea Dragon Leviathan, which is only found in three locations on the map. It’s best to avoid encountering this giant, as it’s a very dangerous hunter and can seriously hurt you.

Another creature you’ll encounter is the Reaper Leviathan. This creature dwarfs the Reaper submarine and is regarded as one of the scariest creatures on the Subnautica map. Its voice is said to resemble something straight out of hell, and it’s the culprit of many in-game jump scares.

Lastly, if you’re into crafting, the Subnautica map will show you where important ores and minerals are located. These will be indicated by white markers, so you’ll know where to farm them. This is important as it’s a precious resource that’s used in crafting and late-game blueprints. When you find them, you should try to farm them, because they’re rare.


Subnautica: Below Zero has a large number of vehicles that can help you complete the game’s missions. These vehicles can be used as scout vehicles, or as a mobile base. The two primary vehicles in the game are the Seatruck and the Prawn Suit. Each of these vehicles has its own unique use in the game, and each has different upgrades.

There are several ways to craft vehicles in the game. In Subnautica, players could construct a suit that allows them to walk around the island, or they could build a giant submarine. In order to craft the latter, players must scan all the fragments and craft a Mobile Vehicle Bay. This way, they can build a Seaglide that can travel underwater, or a submarine that can hold 1700 m of pressure.

Before crafting a vehicle, players must find a blueprint to build it. Blueprints are obtained after collecting three Fragments that resemble different types of sea creatures. Some fragments resemble a broken electronic device, while others resemble the common Seaglide fragments. The fragments can be quite large, and can be found in underwater flower pods.

There are also a few modules for vehicles that can increase their functionality. These modules can enhance the engine’s efficiency and battery life. Other modules can add extra features, including a jukebox, a picture frame, and storage lockers. Another module is the Seatruck Depth Module, which increases the vehicle’s crush depth. This module comes in three versions, and the highest version offers a crush depth of 1700 m.

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