Switzerland In Summer: Things To Do And See

Although not a very large country geographically, Switzerland is considered a tourist paradise. We all know its reputation for the majestic Alps, skiing, and other winter activities that are one of the biggest tourist attractions. But if you thought Switzerland had nothing to offer visitors during the summer, you were wrong.

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The Swiss country has a lot of things to do and visit in all seasons. You can swim in the summer sun-kissed crystal blue lakes, rolling green hills, and exquisite hiking trails.




The city with the best quality of life in Europe is our top recommendation if you want to visit Switzerland during the summer. During this season, Zurich is buzzing with life, while its citizens enjoy Lake Zurich walks in the city squares or garden terraces.


things to do in Zurich



Taking a walk along the blue waters of Zurich

If not doing these activities, visitors (and natives) will probably be sitting in several park locations and picnicking on a hot summer day. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing morning, you can do so on the east side of the lake – all while also having a great view of the Alps from Burkliplatz or Zürichhorn.

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This quaint historic town in the northern part of Switzerland is indulging in the arts. Basel is a city of vibrant history, and countless performance shows and is home to many festivals that amaze tourists from all over the world. In the art world, it is known as the home of Art Basel – an international art fair.


things to do in Basel

Enjoy splendid views of the Rhine River

Visit the open-air cinema, cool bar, and annual dance of the river


You may know Verbier as one of the most famous Swiss winter playgrounds, but this beautiful location in the Alps has much more to offer. It is also a top destination to visit during the summer season or as a perfect place for relaxation. This beautiful Swiss Alps village is located in the south of Switzerland and is situated on a plateau to the south at 1500 meters above sea level.


things to do in Verbier



rock climbing

Biking along the trails of Verbier Bike Park, which has a steep drop of about 700 meters.

Hello or Dine at the Village of La Marmotte

This Swiss canton is the largest wine-producing region in Switzerland, so if you enjoy fine wine, don’t miss something to take in while you’re there.




Situated in the heart of Europe, Lugano is the largest city in Ticino’s leisure region that blends together the best of both Switzerland and Italy. The reason the city is mostly visited during the summer is its mild climate, which makes Lugano one of the sunniest places in Switzerland.


The city is a world-class city, combined with flowers, sacred buildings and villas. Lake Lugano certainly makes the biggest summer attraction for many people (especially famous personalities) because of its views and refreshing water. Considering the Italian influence in the region, you can bet there will be plenty of dining and shopping options.



Enjoy the Climate in Switzerland’s Sonnenstube That Means “Sunny Room”

Eat at the Restaurant Gallery Arte al Lago – A Restaurant in an Art Gallery

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The mountain town of Lungern lies between Luzern and Interlaken. Owing to the wonderful turquoise lakes and lush green pastures, this place deserves our top 10 list of best places to visit in Switzerland during summer.


Surrounded by mountain trails, this natural paradise is an ideal destination for nature lovers and hikers. And like almost every valley in Switzerland – Lungern has its own beautiful lake known as Lungernsee. You can take advantage of the perfect climate of the city and head to the lake for a memorable summer bath.


Taking advantage of the pleasant climate of the city, the lake is perfect for a summer swim.


things to do in longer

swimming in langar lake


Mountain biking

Experience the magical Butterfly Trail through lush green meadows


Rhine Falls


Europe’s largest waterfall – Rhine Falls is mostly recommended to be visited during May, June, and July. This is the time when the density of water is at its peak, and you will certainly get a great view from any viewpoint nearby.


It is known to be an incredible experience for tourists from all over the world, who ask to feel the roar and vibration of the water flowing all over their body. The falls is located in the northern part of Switzerland near the town of Schaffhausen. The castle, the Rhine Falls Basin and the mighty rock right in the middle of the waterfall can be reached by ship.


What to do in Rhine Falls

boat trip


taking a picture


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