How to temporarily turn off the anti-program on the PC?

how to disable bitdefender temporarily

All-time Security is one of the greatest benefits that come with having a Bitdefender Antivirus product on your device. It’s a great thing because you do not have to worry about any threats anymore.

It could be that you are playing games, surfing the internet, or doing anything else however there is no compromise on security or performance. If you’re one of those who spend the majority of their time on the internet, you’re vulnerable to more dangers and scams.

But, despite all the different reasons to use Real-Time Protection, there are instances when you have to disable Bitdefender temporarily.

Why are users require to Disable Bitdefender 2021 Temporarily?

These are the instances where antivirus software becomes some sort of nuisance to you. When this happens it is necessary to how to disable bitdefender temporarily?

It does not actually eliminate the antivirus software from the PC. In contrast, it’s a temporary disablement for a specific period of time. Therefore, it is possible to turn off the antivirus when you encounter these scenarios.

When installing certain programs

There are a variety of applications for the Windows PC. Some of these applications require deep permissions, while others aren’t. In the case of large software, you might need to turn off antivirus programs.

You are aware that Bitdefender is a powerful security program for in-PC security. Therefore, the chances are that installing some applications won’t work unless you turn off Bitdefender.

To protect certain files

Yeah, you heard us right. It is possible to deactivate your antivirus program in order to shield your files from being deleted. In reality, that antivirus creators do create an amazing scanning algorithm.

Algorithms attempt to figure the dangers in many files. But, at moments, even legitimate files could be viewed as unsafe ones.

As a result, the files are deleted or quarantined by your antivirus. To prevent this from happening you might need to turn off the Bitdefender software for your computer.

But, you need to be certain about the authenticity of the file in case you’re opening it with no antivirus security.

You are Doing Something Not-So-Safe

There are many items that ponder to be unsafe by algorithms and antivirus programs. If you visit websites that have a higher chance of being a victim of phishing or scams. Or, you could download documents from unsafe websites. Rooting your Android phone?

It’s not a chance of rooting an app that is blocked by an antivirus program during the process, won’t you? When you do this you’ll see the annoying pop-ups of Bitdefender since the software is concerned with your safety. To eliminate those updates, you need to disable the antivirus.

How to Stop or Disable Bitdefender Temporarily?

Step-by-step, we now move through the temporary deactivation of Bitdefender.

Option 1:

It is necessary to start by opening your main browser of Bitdefender Security. There’s an option for opening Modules. Follow the link to proceed.

Within the Modules menu, you will look for a section called “Antivirus”. Then, there is an icon for ‘Settings’ on the right. Click that icon.

Option 2:

In the next window, you will have the option to disable the security features of Bitdefender. Therefore, ensure that you turn off the following two options.

  1. On-Access Scanning
  2. Active Threat Control

Option 3:

Based on your needs and the purpose of your use, you can choose the most suitable duration.

Option 4:

Once you’ve turned off Bitdefender 2021 in the past, you will be able to see the result on its main user interface for the program. In the image, it states that you are at RISK.

After you’ve completed the job, make sure that you switch on the antivirus protection once again. When you are ready to address the issue, hit the red button and then click on the next pop-up to enable antivirus protection again.

Wrapping Up:

We’ve given you the reason to deactivate Bitdefender 2021 within the initial paragraphs. If you’re willing to take on the risk of not being secure, you should turn off the service.

But that, don’t forget to enable it again after having achieved what you’ve wanted. We have also provided the steps to how to disable bitdefender temporarily for a short period of time.

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