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It is a truth of car ownership that every motorist will ultimately need to get their oil changed. When that time comes, do you actually know what kind of oil is best for your car? There are lots of choices. If you’re unclear which oil is best for your car, our Valvoline Express Care team at Valvoline Maple Ridge has put together some information on how to choose the finest oil.

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Which Of The Various Oil Types Exists?

When it comes to motor oil, there are undoubtedly many possibilities. Before choosing a choice, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with your possibilities.

Regular Fuel

At dealerships, conventional oil is the go-to option. Its price is also the lowest of any comparable product. This oil is simple and capable of effectively protecting your engine from friction. If you want a reliable product at a reasonable price, this one is for you.

Oil Chemical

Synthetic oil is like ordinary oil on steroids. It merely accomplishes the same task more successfully. This motor oil has better lubrication and viscosity characteristics. Synthetic oil may perform better than conventional types at greater temperatures. This may be Valvoline Express Care’s finest choice for SUVs and other high-performance vehicles.

A synthetic blend of oils

The oil that combines conventional and synthetic components is known as synthetic blend oil. These lubricants were created so that drivers may enjoy some of the amazing benefits of completely synthetic products at costs that were comparable to many conventional varieties. Synthetic mixtures are excellent for older automobiles that require help keeping things clean.

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What’s the verdict then? When it comes to selecting the proper oil, which is Valvoline Express Care, there truly isn’t a bad decision. Your tastes and your car’s requirements will determine everything.

Valvoline Oil

For more than 140 years, Valvoline has offered drivers motor oils that are especially formulated to fit the requirements of various engine types and driving scenarios, helping them to get the maximum performance and prolonged life out of their engines.

Valvoline offers a broad line of conventional, synthetic blend, and totally synthetic products that are designed for a variety of uses, including automotive, industrial, and gear oils.

If you’re still concerned about selecting motor oil for your car, feel free to speak with the professionals at your neighbourhood, family-owned oil change shop, Valvoline Express Care Oil Change in Maple Ridge.

How Engine Oil Works

Engine oil has a variety of applications, including as a cleanser and a friction-reducer. If we check the engine oil, it will already exhibit evidence of colour change after 50 kilometres of driving. It’s not because it was burned; rather, the oil cleansed the engine and consumed all the residue left over from burning the fuel.

Because of this, we must carefully select engine oil, taking into account our vehicle, the gasoline we use, and the engine’s working pressure. Here are a few vital factors to take into account while choosing engine oil for our car.

The year and the automaker

It’s crucial to keep in mind the manufacturer and year of manufacturing of the car. because contemporary engines are more updated and built to run with more power and efficiency than previous ones. Older engine oils cannot be used in current engines since they were not designed to fulfil the demands of contemporary, high-performance, quick engines.

Driving Conditions

The second most important consideration when choosing engine oil for your car is the driving circumstances. Not all engine oils are seasonally and environmentally appropriate, according to Valvoline Express Care. It is also taken into account if you live in a hot or cold climate. It’s crucial to take into account your regular driving circumstances, such as whether you frequently use smooth or bumpy roads. Since your daily routine determines the stress you exert on the engine of your daily-use car, these factors must be taken into consideration. The conditions and your daily routine affect how stressed you are. While certain oils are designed for use in warm climates, others are developed for use in chilly climates.

Deflection Level

Certain numbers are always printed on a gallon of engine oil, but most people don’t know what those numbers mean. These figures represent the viscosity of motor oil. Viscosity is also referred to as oil thickness, oil flow capacity, or oil flow resistance. When buying oil, one must take into account the viscosity as well as the type of vehicle and driving conditions.

There are two numerals indicated on the gallon. These numbers demonstrate the oil’s viscosity. The first digit, which ends with a W, represents the viscosity of oil at low temperatures. The viscosity of the oil at high temperatures is shown by the number on the right side.

As the viscosity falls, the oil becomes thinner and presents less flow resistance, and vice versa. You may discover the suggested viscosity for your automobile in the user manual or on the engine cap.

Oil Standardization

The last item we need to examine is engine oil specifications. The engine oil label contains cyphers like API, ILSAC, and ACEA, as may be seen if we look at it more closely. These codes show if the producer is following the requirements for oil quality and standards. According to Valvoline Express Care, API and ILSAC are the production standards for engine oil that are most commonly used by enterprises.


While selecting the best engine oil for your automobile that Valvoline Express Care recommends can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the many types of oil, it is equally as important as selecting the proper diet for your body type.

You should find it simpler to select the appropriate engine oil for your car the next time if you remember the advice provided above from Valvoline Express Care.

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