The top features an internal communications app should have

Companies who have finally decided to make an app for their employees should know something: That is one of the best decisions they have made!

Those who are experienced know how to handle each and everything carefully. But they hardly share any secrets. However, those who are not experienced are surely going through this in a manner making them feeling overwhelmed.

Why would they feel overwhelmed? It is simple: It is so because they do not know the features the app needs? They also need to know how to evaluate the features of the development solution, whether they are making it from an external company or making it in-house.

Experts from the app development Canada industry have decided to share with us a small guide that can help make this process easy. How will that happen? It is simple.

First, We will be learning more about the most popular features of an internal communications app. Secondly, we will also be seeing the buyer’s guide to the evaluation of development solutions for the employee app i.e. internal communications/internal company app for an organization’s employee.

Thus by the end of this post, Everyone will have a clear image of what they can accomplish through the creation of a workforce app for employee communications. Let us now read more about it.

Features worth adding in the employee mobile app

There are loads of potential features any company can add to their internal communications app for employees. However, here are some that are quite popular:

News and announcements of the company

The employee’s app should be serving as a central hub for all company news as well as important announcements. It becomes sort of a bulletin board but it is quite efficient as compared to sending out memos, writing emails, or posting flyers on the board itself. These at one time worked great on internal company portals.

One of the best parts about an announcement hub is that the staff can access it from anywhere as it is a mobile app. Since everybody checks their phones when at work, giving them the ability to read company news from a native mobile app helps make things convenient.

Professionals advise the firms should select a development platform that makes it easy to update the news feed from the admins end with the need to write code.

Serving as an employee directory

Adding an employee directory to the mobile app is a convenient way for the staff to communicate with each other. It removes the need for a telephone operator. This hence streamlines communication across the whole organization.

If someone needs, say, a phone number, an email address or the office address of a co worker; the employee directory in the app can help them find it in a matter of seconds (hire app developer). 

The development teams of companies can add as much as or as little as possible information to the employee directory. However, most firms tend to add more in comparison to adding less. They can usually consider adding a picture, short bio, division, designation, work anniversary, birthday and the like.

All this information helps create a sense of community and also helps create a strong company culture within the organization.

Push notifications – who can forget that?

This arguably becomes an important feature to add in an employee app for internal communication. Why? It is simple: it is the fastest way to deliver real-time information and notifications to employees. This is critical for announcements that are time-sensitive.

If a company has workers that seldom require work desks or has field service employees, the best thing for them are push notifications. They are far superior to email for communication. Why is that? It is because these notifications go directly to the employees’ phones’ screens. They are similar to a text message.

Employees who are working on job sites, on the road or away from a computer; the odds of them seeing such messages timely are higher in comparison to seeing an email.

For some industries, especially construction; there are lots of employees and contractors who do not have a corporate email address. Push notification of this kind is the only viable way to reach these kinds of employees.

This kind of messaging works quite well for things like scheduling changes, closures due to weather change or other time-sensitive announcements as well as top-down communication.


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