Tips for a successful housewarming ceremony and puja

housewarming ceremony and puja

Griha Pravesh puja: What is Griha Pravesh?

A Griha Pravesh puja ceremony (also known as grihapravesh, or the house warming ceremony) is a Hindu puja ceremony that is performed when someone enters a new house for the first time. It purifies the surroundings and protects the house from any negative energies. People are choosing to have an online ceremony, with the priest leading them and their guests. People can still follow their religious beliefs and be safe.

Jayshree, an Online Astrologer and Vastu Shastra expert based in Jammu Kashmir, says that it is crucial for all members of the family to be aware of the importance. Vastu states that a house is composed of five elements: the sun, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and the proper alignment. This aligns the elements to bring happiness, good health, and prosperity. Grihapravesh can also be called in various languages in India. It is called griha pravesham or gruhapravesam in Telugu and Grihoprobesh in Bengali.

A copper pot is filled up with water, nine kinds of grains and a coin. The pot is filled with water and a coconut. One enters the house by placing the coconut on it. A priest will chant mantras. The Kalash puja mantra, Ganesha mantra and Vastu puja mantra are all chanted by a priest.

What is a housewarming?

People traditionally celebrate the first time they move into a new home by hosting a griha pravesh, or house warming ceremony. They invite their friends and family to join them. Housewarming may have been a term that originated many years ago when central heating was not available in the house. To literally “warm” the house, guests would gather around the fireplace to light the wood they brought.

Griha Pravesh puja – Things to do before puja

Select the auspicious day

Do the griha pravesh only on auspicious days. You can find the best housewarming ceremony dates 2022, even though the festive season has many auspicious days that are suitable for a Griha Pravesh. Dussehra, Diwali and other festivals are very lucky for the Griha Pravesh. You can perform a puja only after consulting a priest.

The best months for griha pravesh and entry to the house are the months of Magh and Phalgun, Vaishakh, Jyeshtha and Vaishakh. For griha pravesh, the months of Ashadha and Shravan, Bhadrapada Ashwin, Paush, and Bhadrapada Bhadrapada are not recommended.

Finish the construction and final work

After the completion of construction, the Griha pravesh pooja must be performed. This is a key point to remember when you move into a new house and perform the Griha Pravesh ceremony.

If construction is still ongoing, you should not move into your new house. Only move into your new home when it is fully completed. Griha Pravesh is the sign of entering a new stage in your life. It signifies that you have a home that is complete in every way. You must ensure that everything, including woodwork, paint, and fittings, is completed. After installation of all fixtures, windows, doors, and painting, the house should be ready for move-in.

Check that your home is Vastu-compliant

You must ensure that your home, including the puja room and main entrance, is Vastu-compliant.

Grihapravesh puja: Things you can do on puja day

Decorate your house entrance 

  • As Simha Dwara is the main entrance to the Vastu Purush, it should be decorated. The day of Griha Pravesh pooja is the best time to decorate the front door with flowers, a toran of marigold, and fresh mango tree leafs.
  • A Swastik symbol, or Goddess Lakshmi’s feet can be placed on the main entrance. These symbols signify luck and prosperity.
  • You can also place go-padma or lotus at either end.

Create a rangoli

  • Rangolis are associated with the festive season. They are believed to bring wealth and prosperity. Decorate the floor with rangolis made from rice flour or bright colours.
  • Rangolis placed on the floor are believed invite goddess Lakshmi. Before performing a Griha Pravesh puja using rice flour, rangoli colours from the market, draw one near the entrance.
  • It should not be in the way of anyone entering your home.

Clean your entire home

  • To make your home welcoming, clean it thoroughly before you perform the Griha Pravesh pooja. This will bring positivity and positive energy to your new home.
  • A broom is the first thing that you should buy for your house. This will allow you to clean up any mess and get started fresh. Before you start the puja, clean every corner of your house. To clean and purify your home, use salt water to mop the floors.
  • It can also be washed with a mixture salt, lime juice, and white vinegar. Havan, which is a mixture of herbs and wood that has been burned, purifies the space and cleans the surrounding.

Make your home

Gangajal can be kept in a separate kalash in a corner of your house, with raw mango leaves placed over it. These leaves can be used to sprinkle water all over the house. Gangajal is said to be a purifying energy that eliminates negative vibes.

Griha pravesh pooja flower decoration

  • Decorate the whole house to celebrate the griha pravesh Puja, apart from the main entrance and puja area. Fresh flowers can make your home feel warm and cheery.
  • For overhead hangings, arches and corners, use fresh flowers as centerpieces for tables.
  • You can also get traditional-themed strings and garland decorations using marigold, tuberose, and shevanti.
  • You can highlight different areas of your house with hangings and floral balls.
  • If you prefer western style flowers, choose roses, orchids, and roses with pearl hangings.

Create a Mandala for Griha Pravesh puja

The mandala drawing is a geometric arrangement of spiritual symbols. It should be completed before you begin the Griha pravesh Puja rituals. This is done to invoke the gods and planets and receive their blessings. Place the idols in an east-facing position of your house.

How do you dispose of the Griha Pravesh puja offering after the ceremony?

People used to throw flowers and leaves for puja into the river or sea, but now it is illegal. Flowers are used in Griha Pravesh Puja. Make a potpourri from dried flowers by drying them with cinnamon or dried citrus peel. One can use Griha Pravesh puja flowers, banana leaves, paan, etc. To make organic compost at your home. Many cities have special trash cans that are only used for puja offerings. You can also place any ashes, wood pieces or other remnants of havan in your garden.


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