Tips for Becoming a Good Landlord

Tips for Becoming a Good Landlord

Owning a property is a big thing in today’s time. It is one of the best assets that can be turned into a source of passive income. To have a property is not enough, you need to have other qualities as well to maintain the property well or become a good property owner. As the demand for rental property rises, more people are coming forward to invest in it. If you can take this time to reflect on the investment options, then you will find that rental property management is a great alternative.

Owning a property is not enough, you need to be a good landlord if you want your property to thrive. If you know how to do it, it will be easy to handle the property and make a profit from it. Here, are a few tips that can help you become the type of landlord every tenant wants. Utilize them to your benefit and become a good landlord for the tenants.

How to Become a Good Landlord

Make Repairs

Like a human body needs regular check-ups, your property also requires regular maintenance and repairs. Whether you are a property owner or a landlord, you need to maintain the property in good shape so that, the renters don’t get excuses regarding the place. Tenants always prefer staying in a place that provides prompt action to their grievances.

You need to make repairs and maintain them from time to time. If the tenants report any issues, you as a landlord should take initiative to set things straight. For this, you need to have people someone trustworthy taking care of the maintenance part. If you deal with these things immediately, you will earn their respect instantly. Moreover, you will know how things are being maintained in the house by your tenant.

Be Communicative

Not all of us are comfortable in making acquaintances with strangers. But when you have a tenant at home, you need to learn this basic requirement. This is the harassing part of the job, but you need to be open to communicating with your tenants and understanding their needs. This will not only increase the bonding between the two parties but also help in troubleshooting any problem that may come your way during the stay.

If you are not a communicative person, then you should get a property management company in Baltimore to help you. They will take care of things on your behalf, helping you to tackle your tenants’ problems without your interference. Still, it will be best if you don’t detach yourself from your tenants. After they move in, ensure that you keep in contact with them on regular basis and understand their concerns as well. Either you or the residential management services can take care of these things instead of cutting yourself from your tenant’s issues.

Being in the loop helps you in many ways. Treating the tenants professionally is a good thing but maintaining a friendly gesture towards them so that, they can put you in the category of good landlords and further issues clear.

Respect the Tenant’s Privacy

You may be the owner of the property but if you have a tenant staying there, then you have no right to interfere with their lifestyle. It will be bad to interrupt their life and that won’t be liked by anyone, leave alone by the tenants. It is for this reason, that people discuss likes and dislikes before giving their property to strangers.

As a landlord, you must tell them about your dislikes and what you won’t allow in the property. After that, you can visit the property once or twice a month. Even that should be done by following the protocol. Ensure that you take permission from them before visiting the property. As you have all the right to visit the property once in a while you must not take it for granted. Remember, that the tenants also enjoy privacy just like you like yours.

Showing up at the property at odd hours is a strict no. Calling and inquiring them about the property every now and then is also not entertained by the tenants. This will help establish healthy ground rules for everyone involved. Moreover, the tenants will also renew the lease as it expires ensuring that you don’t have to go around searching for new ones all the time. So, try and pay respect to the privacy of your tenants and share a healthy bonding with them.

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Be Empathetic to Tenant’s Concerns

It always helps to lend a shoulder to others’ concerns. The landlords come across several tenants in their lifetime, some may be nosy whereas others work towards making their landlord’s life easier. Some tenants are professionals or college students, who may have their own concerns. You must pay attention to their needs and try to accommodate them to a certain extent.

According to the property management companies in Baltimore, most of the tenants don’t contact their property owner uselessly. Providing them with a little bit of empathy can help you mend the relationship in many ways. Show them a bit of empathy and help them in any way you can.

Be Compassionate

Compassion helps in mending a lot of hearts. Tenants come from different walks of life. Some may be going through a lot of problems so if you can show a bit of compassion to your tenant. If they are running late on making payments or if the kid paints on the wall, you should be a bit lenient towards their tenant and be a bit compassionate. Provide a limit to your leniency and ensure that you understand their situation before taking any steps. This will win your tenant’s hearts and you will see how easy they become to deal with.


Knowing these pointers helps in getting the act straight. It is hard to find good tenants in this competitive market but if you don’t know how to handle them, then that would jeopardize the source of income. If you cannot handle the property yourself, then hire a property management company in Baltimore. You will surely become successful if you can become a good landlord.

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