Tips for Communicating With Your Remote Team the Right Way

The coronavirus outbreak taught us many things. The pandemic arguably brought the biggest work transition. The work from home introduced us to times when managing work and life balance was one of the biggest challenges. People across the globe realized that having the traditional commute for 9 to 5 office desk jobs is not in the picture anymore. Instead, employees were asked to quickly adapt to the unconventional mode of working – working from home. While not many businesses were ready for the change but the pandemic left no other option.

However, now that many businesses are returning towards the normal mode of working. Many companies have decided to continue with remote working and hybrid work environments. According to the 2020 Upwork research has estimated that the number of people working from home in the United States will double by 2025 and reach 36.3 million. This is because remote working has proven to be a reliable and effective mode of working. Businesses that were reluctant to remote working standards have realized how beneficial the mode is for their business.

While there are a lot of benefits of working from home, there are some major challenges that are yet to be resolved. For example, communication during remote work is the most essential yet the most neglected factor. If you are having difficulty in finding streamlined ways to communicate with your remote work team then we have some beneficial ideas that you can try.

Craft an Internal Newsletter

One of the best perks of being an in-office employee is that you get to know small to major changes happening in the company. You are always familiar with the company projects and also gossips like who resigned or joined. While those working from home were in this non-gossip and difficult conversation situation together but after the implementation of the hybrid work model thing have changed. Now, those working from the office have easier ways to communicate and keep themselves updated while those working from home will feel neglected and isolated. As a team leads, manager, or someone responsible to keep the remote workers in the loop you have to make sure that working from home does not feel confined. To fix this you can start sending internal newsletters through email every once a month. This newsletter can have different sectors that pull different kinds of business content for the readers.

Regular Checks-ins

Those working from home easily feel isolated if they are not treated the right way. A lot of people working from home are finding it hard to connect with the rest of the team members. There are many reasons why communication happens less when working remotely. However, before you put effort into creating ways for more non-formal communication make sure your remote team has the best TV internet bundles. Without a high-speed and stable internet connection, your team can not enjoy the virtual coffee chat or any other event that you have created to stay connected with the remote team.

Nevertheless, if you get to know which event is grabbing more interest for your team members you need to continue with this tradition. During these times it is important to have a check-in session with the workers. But while doing this make sure you do not push your workers into Zoom fatigue and try keeping the conversation interesting and not forceful.


Surveys are not only a tool for the marketing team working in your company. Instead, surveys can be helpful to gain insight into your remote workers’ moods and perspectives. You can add a question in your survey to know how your remote working team is doing, are they satisfied with the implementation happening in the company. You can also get creative and ask them which factors are keeping them motivated during remote work.

Stay Committed to the Cause

The times are stressful. Remote working teams are going through a lot more challenges than a company can understand. So instead of putting pressure on them for attaining results you should start finding ways to ease the current working mode for them.

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