Top 5 Ways Parents Can Limit Screen Time For Their Kids

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I remember sitting with my siblings on the couch as a kid, fighting over which show we would watch on the family TV. Those were the good old days. Kids of the modern world rarely get into such fights as parents have multiple screens at home and don’t often limit screen time for kids. With the advent of technology, people now get to carry their favorite shows in the palms of their hands, and the kids are no exception!

Why Should Parents Limit Screen Time For Their Kids?

As fascinating as this technology might be, your kids are better off spending lesser time with their eyes glued to their screens. There is a whole slew of issues when it comes to kids and screens. Spending long hours in front of screens can raise the risk of developing poor eyesight, obesity, loss of concentration, disoriented sleep patterns, and so on.

Kids who spend a lot of time watching screens have lesser face-to-face interactions. That may lead to the development of awkward social behavior. There are several reasons why parents must limit screen time for their kids. “Excess of everything is bad”, isn’t said in vain.

How To Limit Screen Time For Kids?

Setting limits for kids’ screen time wouldn’t just help your kids develop a healthy lifestyle. It would help in fostering a stronger bond as a family too. You might be wondering, ‘How can I possibly do that?’ Let’s look at five ways parents can limit screen time for their kids.

Refrain From Buying Kids Their Own Screens

Living in the digital age, parents don’t often think much when they buy kids their very own smartphones, tablets, or laptops at a very young age. As adults, it is the parents’ job not to give in to their kids’ demands. Kids need to be of a certain age where they can use and take care of such things with a sense of responsibility. Instead, parents must keep family screens, such as computers and TVs, in a shared area. That makes it easier to know what type of shows your kid is watching.

Organize Family Activities

Involving kids in family activities is the best way to limit their screen time. Kids often watch screens because they are bored. Simply taking away their screens won’t help. Parents must organize family activities to develop a stronger familial bond. You may arrange family trips or picnics, go skating, hiking, camping, fishing, or whatever your kids might enjoy.

Be A Role Model

Leading by example is the best thing a parent can do for their kids. If you aim to limit screen time for your kids, you must note how much time you spend on your screens and try to limit it for yourselves. Giving your kids the attention they deserve will help them develop better and healthier relationships.

Consistency Is the Key

Making it a habit to set and follow screen time limits for yourself and your kids would help them develop healthy habits. It would become a part of their nature to spend quality time with family instead of watching a screen. It is, however, better to explain why their friends might not be exercising the same routines. Helping your kids understand the family norms and values at an early age prevents battles over TV shows, gadgets, game consoles, etc.

Use Technology & Parental Controls To Your Benefit

Technology is not all bad. Some internet service providers also offer parental control features that you may utilize to limit your kids’ internet usage. Most parental control apps offer plenty of features to help you keep an eye on your kids’ online and offline activities, including limiting screen time for kids.

FamilyTime is one of the best parental control apps you can find on the market. It helps you limit (or even schedule) screen times for kids. You can also block and manage certain apps, games, and social media platforms. Let me explain how it can help ease your life as a parent.

FamilyTime App

Use FamilyTime App To Limit Screen Time For Kids

FamilyTime parental control is a nifty parental control application that allows you to limit screen time of kids down to the hour and the minute. That means parents control how long the kids may use their device at any given time. This app also helps you schedule their screen time (which means you can make their devices inaccessible at certain times). For instance, you can schedule their study hours, bedtime, dinner time, etc. During these hours, your kids won’t be able to use their screens.

FamilyTime is a very affordable and dynamic app with a multitude of features to cater to parents’ every need. If you wish to know more about the incredible functions offered by this app, visit its website to get the juicy details.

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