Various Types of Scaffolding ideas for Your Building

When it comes to constructing buildings, getting access to grand and high-rise buildings can be challenging. But with scaffolding, it has become much easier to work from great heights. Any facility that’s being built, substantially repaired or demolished requires scaffolding.

We, HEB contractors, are well-regarded and highly successful Scaffolding North London contractors. We provide scaffolds for all types and sizes. Whether you require scaffolding for roof replacement work or a simple chimney access scaffolding, HEB Contractors can erect it for you swiftly and at prices that are hard to beat.

Types of scaffolding:

Scaffolding is important for most construction projects. Construction workers use different scaffoldings depending on the specific needs and requirements of a construction project because each has unique qualities and benefits. There are different types of scaffolding that are found on construction sites:

  1. Single scaffolding: consists of ledgers, standards or putlogs. They stand parallel to a wall structure by using vertical supports called standards. Ledgers are the horizontal supports, and putlogs are the holes in the buildings through which the scaffolding connects for support.
  2. Double scaffolding: it is usually used for stone masonry, so it is also called mason’s scaffolding. In stone walls, it isn’t easy to make holes to support the putlogs. That is why two rows of scaffolding are constructed to make it strong. The first row sits parallel to the wall, and the other sits away from it.
  3. Cantilever scaffolding: they are used in a few conditions, which might be: when the ground does not have the capacity to support standards, when the ground near the wall is free from traffic, and when the upper part of the building is under construction.
  4. Suspended scaffolding: in suspended scaffolding, the working platform is suspended from the roofs with the help of wires, ropes and chains. This type of scaffolding is used for pointing, repairing works or paintings etc.
  5. Trestle scaffolding: in this type of scaffolding, the working platform is supported by movable ladders and tripods. These are used for work inside the room where the height is up to 5m.
  6. Steel scaffolding: these are constructed by steel tubes which are fixed together by steel couplers or fittings. These are very easy to dismantle or build.  It has greater durability, strength and higher fire resistance. Steel scaffoldings are safe for workers. So, it is used extensively nowadays.
  7. Wooden and bamboo scaffolding: bamboo and wood scaffolding is commonly used in Asia than anywhere else in the world. These scaffolding are more notable for their eco-responsible and flexible nature.
  8. Tube and clip scaffolding: are the easiest steel-based scaffolding to assemble. This scaffolding is well-liked and popular because you can move the ledgers accordingly and adapt its form to oddly and irregular-shaped structures to reach different locations.

Elegant scaffolding solution

  • The scaffolding we erect and supply is installed carefully, neatly and above all, safely.
  • Our scaffolding solutions are just the kind you want with your residential or commercial projects.
  • Furthermore, HEB Contractors own a fleet of vehicles, and our equipment is all ours too.
  • We build, design, and deliver the highest efficiency standards within all our projects.
  • All HEB contractors service team has years of experience in installing scaffolding North London, tools, trade skills and willingness to get the work done on time and budget.

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