Why Should You Choose Linux VPS India Over Windows For Business?

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Nowadays, small and large business owners are much more confused in choosing the VPS India Server for the website. Also, VPS has become an amazing choice for website owners due to its high speed and performance, strong security, and other things. 

Therefore, VPS is a hosting service that provides space online and it comes at an affordable cost. This includes full root access, high uptime, ample storage and bandwidth, complete customer support, and more under the hosting plan.

Moreover, there are two popular operating systems i.e. Linux and Windows. Both are good for the website but you need to select the OS according to the requirement. 

In this article, you will learn about Linux VPS and Windows VPS with their benefits and Why Should You Choose Linux VPS India over Windows for Business?

About Linux VPS and Windows VPS India

Linux VPS Hosting India is the server operating system that provides open source platforms and web management tools. It is the most popular hosting than Windows. You will get strong security under the Linux VPS. This will help the website to solve all the bugs and dangerous attacks from time to time. 

Moreover, Windows VPS is a virtual private server that contains the windows operating system (OS). Also, it is the best solution for small businesses that want to manage the resources at a middle level. You can set up the virtual environment on your projects using windows based VPS Hosting.

Benefits of using Linux VPS India over Windows VPS


The cost of the Linux VPS Hosting is less than Windows VPS India Hosting. Also, it is open-source software that allows the users to edit, and change the resources according to requirements. Moreover, in Windows VPS Hosting, the license fees are high. 


Linux VPS Hosting in India is more flexible than Windows VPS because Linux makes it cheaper to add the processing resources. Also, it supports more choices when selecting CMS and management tools. 

Moreover, in Windows VPS Hosting, you will get limited options to select the CMS and tools.


VPS in India offers better performance to online businesses. This will help the site to load quickly on the browser. The visitor on the site does not have any type of loading problem under the cheap VPS Hosting India. 

Moreover, both Linux and Windows VPS Hosting provide good performance to the websites. But Linux is a cost-effective hosting for small and large business owners.


It is the prime concern for small and large business owners. Therefore, Linux has a more robust security level than Windows VPS which helps to protect the website on the Internet. Also, if there is any type of problem in Linux VPS India regarding security then it can be resolved quickly. 

Easy to Use

In Linux Server Hosting India, you will get more control over the resources. Also, it is easy for you to control the server. But under Windows VPS,  you need to have the technical expertise to control the server. Also, it will be more challenging for non-technical users. 

Technical Support

Linux VPS Hosting India provides excellent technical support to online business owners. The hosting providers have in-house IT experts to solve the problems of the Linux users. Also, you can contact the team via phone call, email, live chat, and ticket system.

Moreover, in Windows VPS you will have to pay a premium amount for technical support. 

Why Should You Choose Linux VPS India over Windows for Business?

Above we have discussed the benefits of Linux VPS Hosting India and Windows VPS for online business. Therefore, now also you are thinking about what hosting platform is beneficial for your business. But you have to select one of the platforms which is good for your business and that can fulfill your needs and requirements. However, you have to make the decision to pick any of them on their benefits. You have to examine which one will fit your business. 

Moreover, Linux VPS is better than Windows VPS for business. Also, it works better with PHP and MySQL which is more effective and provides high performance to the websites. 

You will get more flexibility, CMS Support, and other things at an affordable cost under the Linux VPS India. It will also offer scalable VPS hosting resources that help your business to achieve its targets on time.

Summing Up

Lastly, above you have learned why you should choose Linux VPS India over Windows for Business? Therefore, Linux VPS Hosting is better than Windows VPS because it comes at an affordable price with dedicated resources. It offers more flexibility to the users.

Moreover, you may choose Serverwala Linux VPS Hosting for your online business because it comes at an affordable cost with several advantages. You will get high performance, and better security with DDoS Protection, 99.90% uptime, 24/7 Technical Support, and more benefits under the best VPS Hosting India plan.

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