Want Better Facebook Engagement?

When advertising your brand or business on Facebook, You believe you know the best way to get your followers to follow you. However, it turns out you may not.

Buddy Media analyzed user engagement on more than 1,800 Facebook pages belonging to some of the biggest brands. The result? A 32-page study suggests that we, as marketing professionals, in certain instances, we’ve got it completely wrong. The extensive report, “Strategies for Effective Wall Posts: A Timeline Analysis,” provides the most effective dates and times to publish on Facebook according to industries, the kind of content that connects among Facebook users, and the posting methods that have proven to boost interaction. Let’s find out the truth about what is the most effective strategy to increase engagement on Facebook click here:

Best & Worst Times to Post on Facebook

Do you post on Facebook in the morning, as most brands and companies do? The truth is that Facebook’s interaction has more night-owl characteristics than you believed. “Brand posts published between 8 pm and 7 am, defined as ‘non-busy hours,’ receive 14% higher interaction than those published between 8 am and 7 pm,” but only 18% of posts are posted in “non-busy” hours.

Best & Worst Facebook Frequency

Do you think frequent posting is the most effective way to gain Facebook engagement? So long as you don’t go over seven posts per week, only 1-2 times per day. “Brands who post just every two or three times a day get 19% more interaction over those who post three times every day. The trick is not to overwhelm fans with too many posts, since Facebook News Feed Optimization frequently penalizes this.” In addition, companies that post at least seven times per week on Facebook experienced an increase of 25% in engagement rates.

Keep it Simple

Giving your Facebook users lots of context seems fitting, considering that more than 75% of businesses post long posts on Facebook. However, positions of 80 or fewer characters receive an average of 23% more engagement. Keep it brief and straightforward!

Be Picture Perfect

Are you thinking of writing a simple blog post? Include a photo. Photos get interactions at 39% higher levels than the average. However, text-based posts perform pretty well, with a 12percent higher interactions than the average. Videos and links tend to get fewer comments, likes, and shares.

Ask Away

Facebook fans love a good question. “…they create 92% more comments over posts without questions.” However, place your question in the final part of your article. “Posts with a question at the end have a 15% higher overall interaction rate and a 2x higher comment rate than those asked in the middle of a post.”

Get Emotional

Do you think using emoticons on your business or brand’s Facebook page is unprofessional or unprofessional? It turns out that posts using emoticons have 52% more engagement rates and have an increase of 57% in like speed, 33 more comments, and 33% more share rate. Which emoticons get the best engagement rates? And it’s not a joke! It all depends on your industry; however, using emoticons can be the difference between success and failure in your Facebook interactions. Emoticons have the most success with cosmetics and health food and beverage companies. Fashion, automotive, and tech brands do not perform well using emoticons on their Facebook page.

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